The College Mathematics Exam Overview

The College Mathematics Exam Overview

The CLEP Exam is an exam administered by the College Board. The CLEP has been used to showcase the mastery skills of students seeking higher education rather than taking the course itself.

The exam is a computer-based test that requires payment and registration. The CLEP exam gives students the privilege and reward of taking the exam, passing it, and getting college credit.

Students and future college students alike will have to know the subject already to advance on the test. By successfully passing the CLEP exam, students can save hundreds on tuition, and time, and quickly earn their college credit, making them one step closer to getting their degree.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the college mathematics exam.

Your age, race, or ethnic background does not matter. The CLEP exam is for everyone. The exam will measure the knowledge of students based on many topics. 

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Required Skill

The CLEP exams cover 33 subjects. The CLEP mathematics exam is worth 3 credits. Students must have strong skills in basic math and algebra. Students must also understand entry-level statistics and probability problems. A good portion of the problems is non-routine concepts and portion applications of different skills and problems. 

Scientific Calculator

Students are allowed to use a scientific calculator for this exam. The calculator must be infused into the examination, and it will be non-graphing. To use the calculator, select the calculator icon. Suppose you need help accessing the calculator or have any further issues. To find it click the help option.

In addition, students must know how to use the calculator already. Nobody will be able to help you on the day of the exam. Test-takers must know when to use the calculator as well.

Here is a link to ETS Calculator Practice that will teach you everything you need to know about scientific calculators.

The mathematical exam overview 

The percentage amount of the questions will appear on the exam.

Number 10%

Counting probability 10%

  • The multiplication rule, combination, permutation
  • Probability: union intersection, independent events, mutually exclusive events, complimentary events, conditional probability, expected value
  • Application

Logic and sets 15%

  • Logical Operations
  • Quantifiers
  •  De Morgan’s Law
  • Logic and Sets
  • Families of Sets
  • Proofs
  • Number theory
  • Functions
  • Relations

Data Analysis and Statistics 15%

Financial mathematics 20%

  • Percent, percent change, discounts, taxes, profit, and loss
  • Applications
  • Simple interest, compound, continue interest, interest rate, annual, yield, and (APR)
  • Present value and future value

Algebra & Functions 20%

Geometry 10%

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The scoring process

Students need to score 50 out of 80. Ultimately if you score a 50, a credit reflecting 6 hours of semester time will be granted to you.

Credit granted score: 50

Semester hours: 6

For the full breakdown of all subjects, including other math Information for Test Takers page 6 has all the requirements and the (credit amount). Please verify the correct (credit amount) with your school before taking the exam!

Understand that each institution has its credit-granting policy. So the number may vary. Check out this link and read over the American Council on Education (ACE) for more information.

The site gives comprehensive information for more details; check out this link and listing for all the subjects as the credit of hours is granted. But to be 110% sure, verify with your school.

Additional Resources

The best way to prepare for an upcoming exam, especially a math exam, is to study, study, study. Not sure where to start. Check out the CLEP Practice Test – Apps:

  •  A great resource that provides you with training questions filtered to your knowledge.
  • The app features over 500 sample practice questions.
  • Very realistic: great for people that are nervous test-takers. It’s basically like a real exam that helps you build up momentum and gets you comfortable taking the mathematical exam.
  • Generate new questions to keep your focus
  • No need to register necessary
  • Reliable practice reminders
  • Plus, you can track your progress.

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Addition tips to help you prepare:

The CLEP Math exam is an excellent way to help you bypass entry-level college courses and expedite your time in college. Nobody wants to be in college forever. So here are some excellent tips to help you prepare for the big exam!

  • Start preparing for the test ahead of time is a big one. Whether you are taking high school classes or doing exam preps, or attending a tutor session, plan for the exam so that you will breeze through it.
  • Take practice study exams. There are a few of them that cost like $26 online. If you can find some for free, then do it. It’s well worth it.
  •  Also, try to take a sample course if you’re not in school full-time and maybe you’re almost done with high school, or try to take a sample course to help prepare for the exam like There are some suggestion links listed above.
  • Dedicate a specific time every day to study. You don’t have to study for long hours, but if you block out maybe 2 hours or 3 hours every day with a bit of break in between, you’ll be well prepared for the CLEP mathematics exam.

Math CLEP exam course: This course is perfect for someone not in school. The site offers complete math prep, tutoring, and homeschooling options.  The math help CLEP has an entire curriculum, syllabus, and helpful tips to help you pass.

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