CLEP College Math-Test Day

CLEP College Math-Test Day

The College-Level Examination Program, known as CLEP, allows you to earn college credit by examination for knowledge or skills. The College Board currently offers 34 different exams in a variety of academic disciplines. If you get enough marks in the exam, it means that you do not have to spend that course in university and save your time and money. One of these exams is CLEP College Math.

This test has a 60 question test to be answered in 90 minutes. The content areas are as follows: Logic and Sets, Numbers, Financial Mathematics, Data Analysis and Statistics, Geometry, Counting, and Probability, as well as Algebra and Functions.

After weeks of preparation, you know what to expect from CLEP College Math. Now your test day is near. Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your test day. So join us!

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The Night before the Test!

Eat a well-balanced meal

Drink plenty of water and stick to complex carbohydrates, like marathon runners: pasta, potatoes, and rice are good choices here, as well as protein and vegetables.

Gather what you need

Prepare the necessary equipment the night before so that you do not rush in the morning for the exam. You will need an admission ticket, several no. 2 pencils, or a watch.

Plan to reach the testing site

Make sure you know how you want to get to the test center. If you trust public transportation, check the schedule, and make sure your bus, the subway train is working. If your parents or friends go with you, make sure they know what to do.

Get enough sleep

Your mind may be working the night before the test, but please go to bed early. Calm your mind with a cup of tea or a book and put down your cell phone. Try to close your eyes for 8 hours.

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On Test Day!

Eat a healthy breakfast

Eat breakfast with fiber, protein, and good fats like avocado, eggs, oatmeal, whole-grain toast – all of which help keep your brain full and healthy.

Follow your normal routine

If every morning you watch TV and get ready simultaneously, do not stop it because of CLEP College! Likewise, if you have never had a cup of coffee, do not start the morning. Doing a daily routine lets you focus on your main goal.

Dress appropriately

You want to be comfortable during your exam. Wear soft and comfortable clothes with layers. You do not know if the test center is too hot or too cold, so make sure you have clothes that can be changed for your comfort and concentration. A T-shirt, sneakers and a jacket are usually great.

Leave home early

Go a little earlier than usual to make sure you arrive on time and avoid last-minute panic. If you arrive early, take some time and relax.

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During the Test!


If you are so nervous that you are empty, you may need some rest. You certainly can’t get up and move in the middle of an experiment, but you can shake your fingers and toes, take four or five deep breaths, or pose for a beach or other quiet place.

 Read all the answer

For multiple-choice questions, read all the answer choices before marking the answer, even if you are sure your option is correct. You may find that your correct answer is not necessarily the best choice.

Answer every question

Test participants will not be penalized for incorrect answers, so be sure to choose the answer for each math question.

Eliminate answers and guess strategically

You are likely to encounter one or two questions that you cannot answer. Minimize guessing using the deletion process. The more choices you eliminate, the better your chance of getting the question right. If you have to guess one or two questions, it is better to choose the same letter answer every time, giving you better odds of answering the question correctly.

Use the review button and return to the question

When you see a question that you are not sure how to answer, click the review button. Then answer all the questions as much as possible, see the questions you clicked the review button for, and make corrections as needed.

After the Test!

After taking the CLEP College Math, try not to talk about how to do it. If you think you have performed poorly, it is out of your control right now. Reward your hard work by doing something you enjoy, like exercising or watching your favorite TV show.

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