Top 10 CLEP College Mathematics Practice Questions

Top 10 CLEP College Mathematics Practice Questions

Preparing for the CLEP College Mathematics test? The best way to prepare for your CLEP College Math test is to work through as many CLEP College Math practice questions as possible. Here are the top 10 CLEP College Math practice questions to help you review the most important CLEP College Math concepts. These CLEP College Math practice questions are designed to cover mathematics concepts and topics that are found on the actual test. The questions have been fully updated to reflect the latest 2022 CLEP College guidelines. Answers and full explanations are provided at the end of the post.

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CLEP College Math Practice Questions

1- In five successive hours, a car traveled \(40 \) km,\(45\) km,\(50 \) km,\(35\) km and \(55\) km. In the next five hours, it traveled with an average speed of \(65\) km per hour. Find the total distance the car traveled in \(10\) hours.

A. \(425\) km

B. \(450\) km

C. \(550\) km

D. \(600\) km

2- How long does a \(420\)–miles trip take moving at \(65\) miles per hour (mph)?

A. \(4\) hours

B. \(6\) hours and \(24\) minutes

C. \(8\) hours and \(24\) minutes

D. \(8\) hours and \(30\) minutes

3- Right triangle ABC has two legs of lengths \(5\) cm (AB) and \(12 \) cm (AC). What is the length of the third side (BC)?

A. 4 cm

B. 6 cm

C. 8 cm

D. 13 cm

4- The ratio of boys to girls in a school is \(2:3\). If there are \(500\) students in a school, how many boys are in the school?

A. 540

B. 360

C. 300

D. 200

5- \((7x+2y)(5x+2y) =\) ?

A. \( 2x^2+14xy+2y^2\)

B. \( 2x^2+4xy+2y^2\)

C. \( 7x^2+14xy+y^2\)

D. \( 35x^2+24xy + 4y^2\)

6- Which of the following expressions is equivalent to \(5x (4+2y)\)?

A. \( x+10xy\)

B. \( 5x+5xy\)

C. \( 20xy+2xy\)

D. \( 20x+10xy\)

7- If \(y=5ab+3b^3\), what is y when \(a=2\) and \(b=3\)?

A. 24

B. 31

C. 36

D. 111

8- From the figure, which of the following must be true? (figure not drawn to scale)

A. \(y = z\)

B. \(y = 5x\)

C. \(y≥x\)

D. \(y+4x=z\)

9- The perimeter of the trapezoid below is (64). What is its area?

A. \(252 cm^2\)

B. \(234cm^2\)

C. \(216cm^2\)

D. \(260cm^2\)

10- Two third of \(15\) is equal to \(\frac{2}{5}\) of what number?

A. 12

B. 20

C. 25

D. 60

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1- C
Add the first \(5\) numbers. \(40+45+50+35+55=225\), To find the distance traveled in the next \(5\) hours, multiply the average by number of hours. Distance\(=\)Average\(×\) Rate\(=65× 5=325\). Add both numbers. \(325+225= 550\)

2- B
Use distance formula: Distance\(=\)Rate\(×\) time\(⇒420=65×T\), divide both sides by \(65.420÷65=T⇒T= 6.4\) hours. Change hours to minutes for the decimal part. \(0.4 \) hours\(=0.4×60=24\) minutes.

3- D
Use Pythagorean Theorem: \(a^2+b^2=c^2⇒5^2+12 ^2=c^2⇒169=c^2⇒c=13\)

4- D
The ratio of boys to girls is \(2:3\). Therefore, there are \(2\) boys out of\(5\) students. To find the answer, first, divide the total number of students by\(5\), then multiply the result by \(2\).
\(500÷5=100 ⇒100 × 2=200\)

5- D
Use FOIL (First, Out, In, Last).\((7x+2y)(5x+2y)= \)
\(35x^2+ 24xy+4y^2\)

6- D
Use distributive property: \(5x(4+2y)=20x+10xy\)

7- D
\(y=5ab+3b^3\). Plug in the values of a and b in the equation: \(a=2\) and \(b=3\)
\(y=5 (2)(3)+3 (3)^3=30+3(27)=30+81=111\)

8- D
\(x\) and \(z\) are colinear. \(y\) and \(5x\) are colinear. Therefore,
\(x+z=y+5x\),subtract \(x\) from both sides,then,\(z=y+4x\)

9- D
The perimeter of the trapezoid is \(64\). Therefore, the missing side (height) is
\(=64-18-12-14=20\). Area of the trapezoid: \(A= \frac{1}{2} h (b_{1}+b_{2 })=
\frac{1}{2} (20) (12+14)=260\)

10- C
Let \(x\) be the number. Write the equation and solve for \(x\). \(\frac{2}{3} ×15= \frac{2}{5}\) .
\(x⇒\frac{2×15}{3}=\frac{2x}{5}\) , use cross multiplication to solve for \(x\).

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