CLEP College Algebra-Test Day Tips

CLEP College Algebra-Test Day Tips

The College-Level Examination Program or CLEP helps you earn college credit for what you already know at a fraction of the cost of a college course. CLEP allows you to demonstrate mastery of college-level content and gain college credentials, regardless of where you learned the material.

The CLEP College Algebra includes 60 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes and also contains pre-test questions that are not scored. This test involves basic algebraic operations such as graphs, linear and quadratic equations, and inequalities.

You have prepared yourself for the CLEP College Algebra exam. And now is the time to learn the important points for the CLEP College Algebra test day. Here are some helpful tips for you. So join us!

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The Night before the Test!

Take a deep, comfortable breathe

Take deep breaths to reduce your stress quickly. Close your eyes easily, relax your body, think calmly, and breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this until you feel relaxed. This way is very useful before the exam.

Eat a well-balanced meal

It is a proven fact that what you eat affects your physical and mental performance. Avoid coffee and donuts or soft and pizza drinks the night before the test. Grilled fish with steamed vegetables, decaffeinated drinks, and mixed fruits will be great for desserts on all occasions. Heavy and fatty foods can cause lethargy after a meal.

Gather your materials

The night before, gather everything you need for the CLEP College Algebra test to avoid running the next morning. The things you need include an acceptable identification, two no. 2 pencils, and an eraser.

Get a good night sleep

If you have enough rest, your memory will be much better. One research found that people who got enough sleep before the test was better than people who stayed up all night studying.

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On Test Day!

Wake up early

Be sure to wake up early on the CLEP College Algebra morning to have enough time to eat breakfast, and get ready. In this case, you do not need to hurry, and this will calm your mind. Having peace of mind plays an important role in increasing your success.

Eat a healthy, filling breakfast

Eating breakfast has a positive effect on your cognitive function, especially in terms of attention and memory. So make sure you get your energy for the CLEP College Algebra test by eating a nutritious breakfast. The best nutritious foods to eat before the CLEP College Algebra test include whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Layout your clothes

Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. You will have no control over the temperature of the test site, so be prepared to add or subtract layers to be comfortable during the CLEP College Algebra test.

Repeat the positive sentences

You have hardly prepared for the CLEP College Algebra test, and you are ready! Avoid any negative talk, like, I cannot do that. Remind yourself that you are ready for CLEP College Algebra and do your best.

Double-check everything

If you can, pack everything the night before so you don’t have to worry about the morning, but before you leave home, make sure you have everything you need for the exam, such as a pen, paper, or ID card.

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During the Test!

Read questions carefully

Try not to respond to the question directly, take a few moments to understand the information first! Review the question at least twice and underline relevant information that may be helpful.

Use guessing strategies

Unlike the exam your teacher gives you, CLEP College Algebra exams are not based on a single source. It means that you will encounter one or two questions that you are not familiar with. Calm down, be positive, and use the elimination process to give yourself a better chance of success.

Answer every question

Participants in the CLEP College Algebra test are not penalized for incorrect answers. Make sure you choose the answer for each question, even if it means blind guessing.

Use the review button and return to the question

When you see a question that you are not sure the answer to, click the review button. After answering all the questions as much as you can, see the questions that you clicked on the review button and make corrections if necessary. If you still have a chance, start from the beginning of the test and review all the questions.

After the Test!       

After the CLEP College Algebra test, you will take some time to rest. Don’t go into too much detail about what you have to say, write or do. You cannot change the decisions you made during CLEP College Algebra, so accept it. During the day, spend your time and energy on activities that keep you entertained and happy, such as spending time with your friend, watching TV, and cooking.

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