Top 10 Free Websites for CLEP College Math Preparation

Top 10 Free Websites for CLEP College Math Preparation

The College-Level Examination Program or CLEP is a set of 33 standardized tests that evaluate your knowledge of specific subjects. You can earn credits in universities and colleges by earning a good score on the computer-based CLEP exam.

CLEP College Mathematics determines your knowledge of the mathematical concepts typically taught in a college course for non-mathematical disciplines.

It involves approximately 60 multiple-choice questions that you have 90 minutes to answer. Some of these questions are pre-test questions that are not scored. This test contains:

  • Algebra and Functions (20%)
  • Counting and Probability (10%)
  • Data Analysis and Statistics (15%)
  • Financial Mathematics (20%)
  • Geometry (10%)
  • Logic and Sets (15%)
  • Numbers (10%)

If you are unable to attend CLEP College Math preparation classes in person or are having difficulty paying for online classes, here are the top free CLEP College Math exam training websites for you to take. So join us!

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1: EffortlessMath

EffortlessMath website provides a collection of CLEP College Math test exercises, formulas, worksheets, practice tests, and also test-taking strategies to users prepare for the CLEP College Math Test. Access to all of these CLEP College Math test resources is free and easy. With this website, pass the CLEP College Math test easily and effortlessly.

2: Varsity Tutors

On the Varsity Tutors website, free CLEP College Math exams are a selection of 10 to 12 questions each that give you a portion of the CLEP College Math Exam. You may consider them small tests that you can use to strengthen your skills.

3: Mometrix

At the Mometrix website, the practice test is carefully reviewed to make it as realistic as possible. This way, you can use it to familiarize yourself with the content and formatting of the full exam, so you know what to expect when exam day arrives.


Purplemath works with to provide a complete CLEP Math test preparation course with a teacher. This website has helped thousands of students get out of remedial mathematics and progress as they begin their college careers.

5: College Board CLEP

On this website, sample College Mathematics questions are not used in actual CLEP exams. Use them to understand the format of the question and the level of difficulty.

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6:’s CLEP practice tests are the best study option for people looking to take the CLEP exam. CLEP practice questions are designed by a team of experts to simulate the style, and format of questions in actual CLEP exams. Also, it helps you learn the content and style of questions you may encounter in the actual exam.


THE FREE CLEP PREP website has a free, full-length practice test for the CLEP College Math

8: website helps you prepare for the CLEP Math with the practice test.  

9: Test Prep Review

Test Prep Review or TPR will help you pass the CLEP College Math test by providing free online practice tests and test preparation resources.

10: Math Help

Math Help goals break down the math wall that prevents many students from achieving the success they deserve. To be successful in CLEP College Math, gain enough trust by having a tutor and doing exercises on this website.

Looking for the best resources to help you or your student succeed on the CLEP College Mathematics test?

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