How Is the CLEP College Algebra Test Scored?

How Is the CLEP College Algebra Test Scored?

The CLEP College Algebra Exam allows students to earn college credentials without having to attend classes. This test includes basic algebraic operations such as linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, and graphs. It contains 60 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes and includes pre-test questions that are not graded.

The College Algebra test covers subjects that are taught in a one-semester college course in algebra. About half of the tests consist of routine problems and the need for basic algebraic skills. The rest involves solving non-routine problems in which candidates must demonstrate their understanding of the concepts. This test includes four sections: functions and their properties (30%), algebraic operations (25%), equations and inequalities (25%), and real number systems (20%).

It assumes that test-takers are familiar with the currently taught algebraic vocabulary, symbols, and notation. This test places little emphasis on arithmetic calculations. However, an online scientific calculator (without charts) will be available during the exam.

Here is some information about the CLEP College Algebra score. 

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How does your score compute?

In CLEP exams, you receive one point for each correct answer. Points are not deducted for incorrect or skipped answers. This means that you must make every effort to answer each question in the CLEP exam.

What does your score mean?

The total score in your score report is based on two calculations:

1- The raw score is the number of questions you answered correctly. Your raw score will increase by one point for each question answered correctly.

2- Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score from 20 to 80, and this is the score that is shown in your score report. The American Council on Education recommends that colleges have a score of 50 or higher, but individual institutions can adjust their CLEP credit policies.

Credit-granting score

Most colleges publish CLEP credits on their websites or in the course catalog. The required score to earn CLEP credit may vary from test to test. Contact your institution to find out the minimum qualification score for each test.

When will you receive your score?

You will receive an unofficial score report at the test center immediately unless you have taken the College Composition Test. It takes 2-3 weeks to submit a score report for this test.

You see your scores online by logging in to the CLEP My Account portal with the same account you used to register for the exam. After entering the My CLEP Exam Scores page, go to see your scores.

Scores are available online one business day after the exam. Combined Composition test scores are available 2-3 weeks after the test.

All CLEP test registrations come with a free score submission that you must use when registering. If you did not choose an institution to receive your grade at the time of enrollment or you want to send your grades to additional institutions, you can request official CLEP transcripts for a fee.

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