A Comprehensive Collection of Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests

By taking the CLEP College Algebra exam, students can gain college credit without taking the class. The computerized CLEP College Algebra exam is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions and you have approximately 90 minutes to complete it. You are not allowed to use personal calculators, instead, you can utilize a scientific calculator that is integrated into the exam software during the testing time.

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The CLEP College Algebra questions are divided into four sections:

  • Algebraic operations (25%)
  • Equations and inequalities (25%)
  • Functions and their properties (30%)
  • Number systems and operations (20%)

Approximately half of the questions require test-takers to solve routine, one-step problems and the rest of the questions require them to solve nonroutine (multi-step) problems and understand the application.

A credit-granting score of 50 for CLEP College Algebra is recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). This score is equivalent to getting a C in the relevant course.

The good point is that you will receive an immediate score report for the exam. There is no limitation to taking this exam so you can take it as many times as you want to pass.

The test includes questions on basic algebraic operations, quadratic equations, inequalities, logarithmic functions, graphs, radicals, and other topics. It is assumed that test-takers know Algebraic vocabulary, notation, and symbols.

How to Prepare for the CLEP College Algebra Test?

  • Choose a Proper Study Plan: Getting ready for a test require hardworking and practicing daily. It is better to set your time in a way that first, you learn and then practice adequately to master the topics. But you should not put too much pressure on yourself and get tired of studying. The best way is to make a condition to enjoy studying.
  • Find the Best Resource to Learn: Today you can find numerous books, courses, classes, flashcards, and online resources, and choosing each one of them entirely depends on your needs. You have to pay attention to finding up-to-date, high-quality resources that ensure you pass with a higher score.
  • Know How to Take the Tests: It is highly important to have adequate, correct information about the exam. Something as the number of questions, time limit, essential concepts, the format and content of questions, the exam date, and many other materials. The more information you have about the exam, the more confidently you take it.
  • Take Practice Tests: If you want to get familiar with the exam, you have to take some realistic practice tests. Many books and websites offer CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests and you have a great impact on your test-taking skills and reduce exam anxiety.

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7 Best Websites for CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests

  • Efforthlessmath.com

If you are looking for a reliable, comprehensive, best math website, Efforthlessmath is the best choice. It provides plenty of helpful CLEP College Algebra practice test books, test prep books, and workbooks.

These books reflect the exact content of what you must know for the exam. Besides that, you can test out your math knowledge with the help of the free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests.

This website contains a list of formulas that you have to memorize because you will need them on the actual exam. There are also great video tutorials about different topics to learn the materials completely.

  • Clep.collegeboard.org

The first thing that you need is to have enough information about the test so this website provides you with a comprehensive CLEP overview. It covers all types of CLEP exams including CLEP College Algebra.

It provides several sample questions to develop your math knowledge and help you to detect your strong and weak spots. It is recommended to use the benefit of this website to get a better score on the exam.

  • Mometrix.com

This popular website provides you with a helpful study guide to give you useful information about the CLEP College Algebra exam.

The benefit of this part is that you know different aspects of the test and take the exam without exam anxiety. It also contains some free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests to prepare you for any type of question.

In addition, you get access to flashcards to memorize challenging concepts or formulas. Everything that you find on this website is up-to-date and entire coverage of whatever you must know to pass the exam.   

  • 4tests.com

It covers not only CLEP College Algebra but also any type of tests that one may need one day. You will find several professional math tutors to help you develop your CLEP College Algebra knowledge and prepare you to get the best result on the exam.

You can study its exam description if you need to know how to take the exam. Moreover, it introduces some books so that you can practice and learn thoroughly. All these sections aim to build your confidence to be successful on the actual test.

  • Study.com

You will get access to plenty of free practice tests to get acquainted with the questions you will see on the CLEP College Algebra exam. It also offers some online courses for those who need to learn some of the concepts from a teacher.

This website split up the essential concepts into several parts and offers some quizzes for each of them. Its main goal is to enhance your knowledge so that you score higher.

  • Powerhouseprep.com

It is another great website that is worth introducing because it covers all CLEP College Algebra topics you have to know. It contains plenty of free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests that help you test out whatever you have learned and find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Besides that, you have access to an exam study guide that is filled with helpful information about the exams. Therefore, this website can help you get the perfect result the first time you take the exam.

  • Varsitytutors.com

Having access to this website, you can find the best ways to master the essential concepts. You will get familiar with several professional tutors that help you pass the exam with a higher score. Some beneficial flashcards are available on this website so that you can memorize formulas and challenging materials.

But more than anything else, you need the free math practice tests that it offers to test out your understanding and preparation for the real exam.

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 1

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 2

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 3

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 4

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 5

Free CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests 6

10 Best CLEP College Algebra Books

  1. Choosing the CLEP College Algebra for Beginners is recommended if you want to study from the very beginning. Its materials are easy to follow so you will understand them thoroughly. It contains a review and some examples to teach you each topic. Then, you can do several sample questions to practice the solutions and formulas. Finally, there are 2 full-length practice tests at the end of the book so taking them can be helpful to pass the exam with a higher preparation and more confidently.
  2. You need to study the 5 CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests after learning all topics that you must know to pass the exam. It is a great opportunity to measure your knowledge and plan to develop your level of understanding. These tests represent the content and format of the questions that you will experience on the test day. With the help of its detailed answer explanations, you can find out the solutions to the wrong answers. The main purpose is that you do not make a mistake the second time.
  3. Ace the CLEP College Algebra in 30 days proves that everyone can prepare to take the exam by spending a few weeks. It is full coverage of the essential Algebraic topics that explain each topic in detail. There are also some examples to show you the solutions and then do the sample questions. You can study the guidance that the book offers that is helpful to develop your test-taking skills. In addition, the book has 2 full-length practice tests with the answer explanation so that you can assess your progress and preparation.
  4. One benefit of the CLEP College Algebra Study Guide 2020-2021 is that you can learn the materials step by step. It contains a review and examples. Then, you are given some sample exercise questions to practice and get the topics completely. The best way to evaluate your understanding is to take the book’s 2 full-length practice tests as it shows the actual exam style. Both of them contain answer keys to finding out your correct and incorrect answers and try not to make the mistakes twice.
  5. Studying with the CLEP College Algebra Tutor is good if you want to master the topics and learn every detail of the exam. Each topic contains a review that explains everything in depth. Then you can study the examples that come with step-by-step solutions. After that, you are provided with some exercise questions to know whether you have learned or need extra study. In the end, you can test out your understanding with the help of 2 full-length CLEP College Algebra practice tests that come with answer keys.
  6. The CLEP College Algebra Exercise Book 2020-2021 is filled with hundreds of exercises and covers all topics that you have to know to pass the exam. It is split up into several topics and subsets to provide plenty of exercise questions individually for each of them. After completing these parts, you are well prepared to take the book’s full-length practice tests. It is the best way to apply whatever you have studied and know whether you are enough skilled to take the actual exam or not.
  7. The purpose of the CLEP College Algebra Prep 2020-2021 is that you will learn and practice at the same time. A guide explains each concept and some examples to clarify it. After that, you have to do the questions and try to recall the formulas and solutions. All these sections impact your performance in taking the book’s realistic practice tests. As they have comprehensive answer explanations, you will find out the correct and incorrect answers. That way, you will not make a mistake the second time.  
  8. Using the 5 Full-Length CLEP College Algebra Practice Tests is a great way to test out your knowledge. As these tests reflect the type of questions you might see on the actual exam, you will understand the exam’s difficulty level. There are also answer keys and explanations for all 5 tests. That way, you will find comfortable and challenging sections. In addition, it avoids common mistakes and shows your strengths and weaknesses. These great features develop your confidence and reduce your anxiety so that you will pass with a perfect score.    
  9. Many test-takers recommend the CLEP College Algebra Preparation 2020-2021 because you can practice sufficiently after learning the topics. It consists of a review and examples that help you learn thoroughly. Then, you can test out your understanding by doing the sample question sections. The book ends with 2 full-length practice tests and taking them can familiarize you with the actual exam style.  Use the benefit of this part to reduce mistakes and take the exam confidently.
  10. The Prepare for the CLEP College Algebra Test in 7 Days is a perfect book for those who want to study quickly but thoroughly. Every topic is explained in detail and there are several sample questions to practice what you have learned. Additionally, you get access to 2 full-length practice tests and measure your understanding and performance. These tests aim to enhance your test-taking skills and boost your confidence to succeed on the exam.

All of these books contain high-quality materials and choosing each one of them depends on your needs and your study plan.

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