Intelligent Math Puzzle – Challenge 79

In this great mind-blowing Math challenge, you need to use your logic skills to solve the problem. The answer is also provided.

Intelligent Math Puzzle – Challenge 79


In the series above, what is the fifth fraction?

A- \(\frac{191}{480}\)

B- \(\frac{513}{897}\)

C- \(\frac{676}{1199}\)

D- \(\frac{683}{1195}\)

E- \(\frac{689}{1211}\)

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The correct answer is D.

Find the pattern in the number series. Each numerator or denominator of the fraction is one less than four times the previous numerator or denominator.
3 → 11
3 (4) – 1 = 11
171 × 4 – 1 = 683
299 × 4 – 1 = 1195
The number fraction is:

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