CLEP College Math vs. CLEP College Algebra: The Difference!

CLEP College Math vs. CLEP College Algebra: The Difference!

Exam season is here. Many aspiring future college students are gearing up to take the Algebra CLEP or Math CLEP exam. Both exams offer credits and are well worth the preparation.

These two exams are quite different. Let’s analyze the differences, benefits, and most importantly, which exam is suitable for you. As well as some helpful tips to help you get started!

The CLEP exam is more challenging than the actual College math CLEP. So if you pass the CLEP, You have demonstrated great Mastery of college-level math and are well deserving of that credit exam.

Also, the Algebra CLEP exam may be more suitable for students who passed advanced college-level algebra because most of the topics covered are intense Algebra and Calculus. Whereas the math CLEP might be easier for some. Well, let’s check it out!

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Fast Breakdown of Both Exams

College Algebra CLEP

  • Time: 90 minutes long computer-based exam
  • Questions: 60 multiple-choice questions must be answered in 90 minutes
  • Calculator: Scientific Non-Graphing
  • Pass Rate: 24%
  • Major Difference: Extensive Algebra Operations 
  • ACE Credit Recommendation: 3 Credit Hours
  • Exam Cost: $89

College Math CLEP

  • Time: 90 minutes long
  • Questions: 60 questions must be answered in 90 minutes
  • Calculator: Scientific Non-Graphing
  • Pass Rate: 64%
  • Major Differences: Test on other kinds of math
  • ACE Credit Recommendation: 6 Credit Hour
  • Exam Cost: $89

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Overview of CLEP Algebra Section

The Algebra CLEP is more in-depth.  The exam is more advanced than high school-level math. Therefore, students taking advanced math classes will have more success on the exam than students taking regular math classes. 

There is hope if you take the CLEP Algebra exam and don’t have much luck, or if you haven’t taken any exams and might not be that strong in Algebra. Then, it will be in your best interest to take the Math CLEP exam.

The Algebra CLEP has a low pass rate compared to the Math CLEP. So, keep that in mind. It is not impossible to pass, but it’s something to consider.

Algebra can be difficult for many people. Some students tend to dislike Algebra because of how hard it can be. But there is always a way, and studying is the best option.

Here is a side note: (I used to be quite bad at math until I started attending the after-school tutoring section. I’m not that great at math. But I passed the college-level Algebra exam. Anything is possible, people!)

Here is a Brief Overview of the exam:

Algebra operations: 25%

Equation and inequalities: 25%

The function of properties: 30%

Numbers systems and operation: 20%

  • The percent amount equals the number of questions about the math subject that will be on the exam.

Free resources for Algebra CLEP

The best way to study for an exam is to practice and take a course or sample questions to help you get started. Below are some free links that will help you study:

Try some CLEP College Algebra Sample Questions: CLEP College Algebra FREE Sample Practice Questions

Take the Algebra Help Course: The Ultimate CLEP College Algebra Course also offers a course: CLEP Courses

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CLEP Math Exam Overview

This exam covers a mix of math topics. Think of it as taking an entry-level math class to get to the next level, an actual Algebra class. So, if you’re not that strong in Algebra, you can prepare yourself by studying more.

On the other hand, if you are strong in all the other topics which offer a mix of different types of math. You will excel on the exam.

Some people say that the CLEP Algebra exam is difficult. Some people say that the CLEP math exam is more manageable.

Finally, some people say that all exams are challenging, so If you find yourself in the latter take the initiative and study.

Resources on CLEP Math

Try some CLEP College Math Sample Questions: CLEP College Math FREE Sample Practice Questions

Take the Math Help Course: The Ultimate CLEP College Mathematics Course

The college board also offers Study Resources: College Mathematics Resources

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Tips for studying!

  • Work on your weakness: For every topic you are not strong in, work on it! Make sure you master it. From experience, it’s better to be decent at something and know how to solve the equation. Then not ignore your weakness.
  • Change your state of mind: think positively when you think about math, do not drill into your mind that you’re bad at math. You have to believe you’re good at math because from belief comes action: It starts with mindset.
  • Practice Daily: set out a time and block out the same time every day. Dedicate that time to only math.
  • Doing practice exams will be your best friend. That is how you build up stamina and confidence and how you become stronger in math.
  • Learn how to use a non-scientific calculator: There are so many problems that you can quickly solve with a calculator. Make sure you master it, and it can save your score!
  • Find a tutor:  tutoring is one of the best ways to prepare for an exam. There are plenty of online tutoring options. You can also check with your school for a tutor. They can put you on the right track toward passing that exam.

Fast Wrap-up

To wrap it all up, the major difference between both exams is that one is advanced algebra or college-level algebra. The other is more of a mix of different types of math. Rumors about the level of difficulty are very mixed.  I believe it depends solely on the person and where they currently stand in math.

You will never know until you sit down and start practicing problems! Think about it! When all is said and done, and you’ve passed the CLEP Algebra or CLEP Math, it will be a great story to tell, and you won’t regret it!

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