What are the four Branches of Mathematics?

What are the four Branches of Mathematics?

Mathematics is a complex area of study and includes interconnected topics and overlapping concepts. Knowledge of branches of mathematics also guides students in deciding which branch they want to pursue as their job. We discuss branches of math here.

1- Arithmetic

This is one of the most basic branches of math. Arithmetic deals with numbers and their uses in many ways. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division form the basis of it because they are used to solve a large number of questions and advance in more complex concepts. Arithmetic is one of the most important branches because its principles are used in everyday life for a variety of reasons.

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2- Algebra

Algebra deals with solving general algebraic expressions and manipulating them to achieve a result. The unknown quantities specified by the alphabets that form part of the equation are solved and the value of the variable is determined. An intriguing branch of mathematics, including complex solutions and formulas for deriving answers to problems.

3- Geometry

Geometry is a practical branch of mathematics that studies polygons, shapes, and geometric objects in both two-dimensional and three-dimensions. The concordance of objects is examined simultaneously and focuses on their specific properties and the calculation of their area, volume, and perimeter.

4- Trigonometry

Triangles are derived from the Greek words “trigon” meaning triangle and “metron” meaning measurement. It is the study of angles and sides of triangles to measure distance and length. It’s all about different triangles and their properties.

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