Why do I Struggle with Math so much?

Why do I Struggle with Math so much?

If you think you are the only one struggling with math, I must say you are not alone. Mathematics is one of the most challenging and boring subjects in school. “Why do I struggle with math so much?” This is an important topic that we will discuss here.

Among the factors that students struggle with in mathematics are the following:

1- Attention difficulties

Mathematics often involves multi-step problems, and students must be able to do several consecutive steps to find solutions. It requires an active focus on the question. When complex math techniques are taught, students often lose focus and become distracted during the lesson. As a result, he or she may miss important steps in the problem-solving process and later struggle with math while trying to complete problems.

2- Lack of practice

Many students simply do not spend enough time practicing math concepts. Even if students have a good understanding of math, they will lose concepts without practicing. Not enough practice will make you struggle with math.

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3- Mathematics always uses previous concepts

Mathematics is based on sequential learning. If a student does not fully understand the concept of the previous lesson, they are likely to run into problems when introducing newer concepts, causing many students to struggle with math. Mathematical concepts are like building blocks and should always be based on them before moving forward. If there is no foundation, the student will run into trouble.

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