Best Touchscreen Monitors for Teaching at Home

Best Touchscreen Monitors for Teaching at Home

Touchscreen monitors are going to become popular with remote teaching. With covid-19 the need to have advanced teaching equipment became more urgent.

A touchscreen monitor as a replacement for a whiteboard for teaching from home is more effective. While buying It is helpful to know about the essential features of different touchscreen monitors for the home.

Distancing learning has found its footing on the educational ground in the last one and a half years. The number of teachers teaching from home is precedented now. It comes with its own set of challenges. The inclusion of new and advanced teaching equipment can help overcome the challenges.

In the coming days, a touchscreen monitor will become essential for distance learning and digital teaching.

The functionality of Touchscreen Monitor to Teach from Home 

The larger the screen space, the better the productivity and teaching experience. A second screen monitor is usually used to enhance the screen size. With a great touchscreen monitor, the functionality of a second screen can also be increased.

If a teacher or user needs constant and direct interaction with the other party or students, a touchscreen comes in handy for interactivity, presentations, and group work. For a teacher, a touchscreen monitor is a practical and functional addition to the set of teaching equipment

Whiteboard Replacement

Touchscreen monitors function as digital whiteboards for teachers when they are teaching from home. Touchscreen monitors are larger, more practical, and more effective than a small screen tablet or laptop. The larger display provides more room to work and reduces eyestrain.

Its features include an adjustable and pivoting base, that increases the functionality of the touch screen.

Touchscreen monitors are also available as portable. These monitors work more easily with a computer. In this way two-screen can be attached, the smaller, portable screen can be used for communication and the other larger one as a presentation display. 

MyviewBoard classroom provides the solution to synchronize the touchscreen monitor with almost 30 students. A digital whiteboard can be viewed by all students in the digital classroom. It makes the teaching and learning experience more effective for both parties. 

Applications of a touchscreen monitor 

As smartphones have become the main computer device for a larger number of people. They are now more accustomed to the interactive touchscreen.

The same feature is present in touchscreen monitors, they are more interactive, and it is much easier to work on them.

Mouse and touchpad do not provide the same freedom in drawing, enhancement of visual elements, and writing functions as is possible with touchscreen monitors. 

Wider Screen display

Wider screen space enriches learning, working, and productivity. The touchscreen can be shared with students during an online class.

The other screen function as the display of private and additional information related to the topic and classroom.

This might include a virtual classroom interface, notes on the lesson, a grading file, a lesson preparation page, and an assessment of students’ performance. 

The Features to Look for in a Touchscreen Monitor

Touchscreen monitors are not very common yet. But they are used in larger organizations and different industries, where they often need to display data and share it with colleagues. These, already known in different industries, touchscreen monitors may not be designed for remote teaching and online classes.

Hence, while buying a touchscreen monitor to teach online, some important features must be kept in mind. 

High-Quality Display

A high-quality display is the most important feature of a touchscreen monitor for an online class. What is the point of getting a large touchscreen when the quality is low? The IPS technology has achieved so much in this regard.

The display of some touchscreen monitors is so clear and crisp with high color quality, that it is engaging and enjoyable to use them.

The touchscreen monitor, after the class, can be used for other ventures like designing and drawing, or even for watching movies. The experience with touchscreen monitors is unlimited. 

Multitouch feature 

A touchscreen monitor must have a multitouch feature. Most of the touchscreen monitors in the market include this feature.

Many tablets fail to provide a multitouch feature. The interactivity of having a multitouch feature is important. It is useful in live interactive classes to have a large interactive whiteboard in the form of a touchscreen monitor.

In some classes, it might not be that important to have a multitouch feature. but in some classes, it can unfold a new experience for all parties with the tap, pinch or draw options. 

USB-C Connectivity

USB-C connectivity is one of the best features provided on touchscreen monitors. It is connected to the main computer with one cable.

The previous touchscreen monitors needed two cables, an input cable for data transfer and the second output cable registers the touch on screen to the computer.

This new USB-C cable is more advanced, it provides a solution to the input/output in one cable. In addition, it can also provide the transfer of power and data at a high speed. Plus, the data transfer with USB-C works both ways. 

Bottom line 

There are unlimited perks to owning a touchscreen monitor. It improves the teaching experience from home for both teachers and students. It is an economical device that provides a great teaching experience with its clear and larger display, continuity, interactivity, and productivity.

With the rising need for remote and distance learning, the touchscreen monitor is becoming an essential device for teaching. 

Our recommendation for a touchscreen monitor is Planar Helium PCT2435 Touch Screen 24. It provides all the key features a teacher needs for a perfect online lesson.

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