What Does the STAAR Test Stand For?

What Does the STAAR Test Stand For?

If you live in Texas, then you have probably heard of the STAAR test. But what does STAAR stand for? Join us to answer this question.

The STAAR Test stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness that was implemented in the spring of 2012 and replaced the TAKS test or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. STAAR is a standardized test offered to primary and secondary students in Texas. It is a government mission, which means that if a public school in Texas wants to receive funding, they must take the test, and your child will not be allowed to opt-out of them.

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Students in grades 3 to 8 in Texas public schools must take at least two STAAR tests each year (the tests you must take will vary depending on your grade level). Meanwhile, high school students, are required to take five specific STAAR tests (probably seven, depending on the region) at any time in grades 9 through 12 to graduate and earn a high school diploma. These high school exams are called end-of-course (EOC) exams because you have to take them after you finish the corresponding high school course.

The various types of STAAR tests cover a wide range of basic subjects, from reading and writing to math, science, and social studies. So, when people refer to the STAAR test, what they are referring to is just one of the STAAR tests (probably the test they should take for their grade).

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