How many Questions Are on the STAAR Test?

How many Questions Are on the STAAR Test?

The STAAR is a set of standardized tests that primary and secondary students in Texas must pass to progress to the next level and graduate from high school. The STAAR test assesses students in the following five areas: science, writing, reading, math, and social studies.

But the important question is how many questions are on the STAAR? Join us to answer this question.

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The reading assessment consists of multiple-choice questions. The number of test questions is increasing year by year:

  • 3rd grade: 40 questions
  • 4th grade: 44 questions
  • 5th grade: 46 questions
  • 6th grade: 48 questions
  • 7th grade: 50 questions
  • 8th grade: 52 questions


The writing assessment, which is done in the fourth and seventh grades, includes a piece of writing composition as well as multiple-choice questions.

  • Students in grade 4 are required to read three passages and 12 editing questions and answer 6 revision questions.
  • Seventh graders are required to read four passages and 17 editing questions and answer 13 revision questions.


The mathematical assessment contains both open-ended questions and multiple-choice.

  • 3rd grade: 3 open-ended questions and 43 multiple-choice questions
  • 4th grade: 3 open-ended questions and 45 multiple-choice questions
  • 5th grade: 3 open-ended questions and 47 multiple-choice questions
  • 6th grade: 4 open-ended questions and 48 multiple-choice questions
  • 7th grade: 4 open-ended questions and 50 multiple-choice questions
  • 8th grade: 4 open-ended questions and 52 multiple-choice questions


The exam is held in 5th and 8th grade. The Class 5 version contains 44 multiple-choice questions, while the Class 8 version contains 55 questions.

Social Studies:

This test, which is only tested in grade 8, consists of 52 multiple-choice questions.

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