How is the ParaPro Test Scored?

How is the ParaPro Test Scored?

Working as a paraprofessional or teacher’s assistant is a great way to enter the world of education and learn what is necessary to manage the class closely. If you want to take on this role, you must first approve the ParaPro Assessment. Join us to learn about the ParaPro test.

ParaPro Academic Skills for Educators is a standardized test used for admission to teacher training programs in the United States. It is a comprehensive and rapid assessment of students’ academic abilities. This test was designed and managed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). A good score on this test is critical to admission to teacher preparation programs.

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The ParaPro test covers three topics:

The time of this test is two and a half hours and it includes 90 questions with selected answers. Approximately two-thirds of the questions are related to basic skills and knowledge and the remaining one-third are based on the use of these skills and knowledge in the classroom environment.

ParaPro Scores

Each correct answer gives you points. The total number of these points will give you a raw score. There is no penalty for the wrong answer and also no penalty for the missed question. There are only multiple-choice questions, so answers are scored by computer, not by individuals. The raw score is converted to a scaled score that reports in your score report.

The range in which the scaled score for the Internet-based test lies is 420-480, and for the paper-based test well, this range is the same. The maximum score of test-takers in the Internet-based test ranges from 460 to 476 and in the paper test between 458 to 475.

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The Internet-based test scores immediately. As soon as your test session is over, you can view the scores, and you can print the result as an unofficial score report. However, this score report cannot be used for official purposes. Approximately two weeks after the test date, the official score report is received by the designated recipient.

The paper test score report is sent about four weeks after the test to be mailed. It also reaches the designated recipient. For some states, grade reports are sent to the state teacher credentialing offices.

Score Meaning

Although the ETS determines the test scores, the score range does not indicate whether or not you passed the exam. Each school or state district determines what it considers a passing score. For example, a passing score of 450 in one state may fail in another. However, the ETS includes the pass or fail status on your official score report. Acceptance of the ParaPro Assessment shows you may meet one employment eligibility requirement for a paraprofessional job.

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