Top 10 Free Websites for ParaPro Math Preparation

Top 10 Free Websites for ParaPro Math Preparation

The ParaPro test is a standardized test used to assess test takers’ talent for admission as teaching assistants or paraprofessionals. The purpose of the ParaPro test is to ensure that test takers have sufficient knowledge and skills to assist teachers in classroom instruction.

During this test, the knowledge of the test-takers is evaluated in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing

You have 150 minutes to answer 90 questions. The format of the ParaPro test questions is multiple choice.

The math section of the ParaPro test includes:

  • Number and Quantity
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Interpretation, Statistics, and Probability

If you are unable to attend ParaPro math preparation classes in person or are having difficulty paying for online classes, here are the top free ParaPro math training websites for you to take. So join us!

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1: EffortlessMath

EffortlessMath site provides a collection of ParaPro test exercises, practice tests, worksheets, formulas, and also test-taking strategies for users to prepare for the ParaPro test.

Access to all of these ParaPro test resources is free and easy. With this site, pass the ParaPro test easily and effortlessly!


On the TEACHERS TEST PREP website, free online ParaPro practice tests are designed by leading teachers based on formal content. And you can practice all aspects of the actual test, including test length, difficulty level, and also a variety of questions.

3: Union Test Prep

On the Union Test Prep website, you can use the free practice tests to evaluate ParaPro to see how much you remember and in what areas you need to work on more. Then you can confidently approach the test day!


Test-Guide website exists to help students learn, study, and pass future exams. This website does it by providing free preparation materials to users.


It is difficult to find good practice for ParaPro online free. UGO PREP website allows you to read expert-written articles, practice questions, view videos, and also access information on the ParaPro test!

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6: Prepterminal

The Prepterminal website provides you with free practice tests to prepare yourself for the ParaPro test.

7: Mometrix

The comprehensive Mometrix site is a good guide for you in advancing the ParaPro test. Mometrix prepares you for the ParaPro exam using a flashcard, study guide, and also online course to speed up your success process.

8: ExamEdge

On the ExamEdge website, there are practice tests with detailed explanations to help you study. Each exam is designed to cover all aspects of the Parapro test, and to ensure that you know the necessary to succeed!

9: 240tutoring

The 240tutoring website answers your questions and tells you exactly what you need to study to pass the ParaPro test.

10: study guide zone

The Study Guide Zone site uses Mometrix site resources to prepare you for the ParaPro test. Study Guide Zone provides you with study tips, practice tests, test prep, and also exam reviews!

Looking for the best resources to help you or your student succeed on the ParaPro test?

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