How to Prepare for the ParaPro Math Test?

How to Prepare for the ParaPro Math Test?

What is the ParaPro test and how should you prepare for it? Maybe this is your question too!

The ParaPro test is a standardized test used to assess the aptitude of test takers for admission as teacher’s assistants or paraprofessionals.

The purpose of the ParaPro test is to ensure that test takers have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform well in the classroom and assist teachers in classroom instruction.

Passing this test is required for paraprofessional certification in many US states.

The ParaPro test is designed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

One of the advantages of this test is that, unlike many tests, it allows test takers to take the ParaPro test remotely on their personal computer at home or elsewhere.

During this test, the knowledge of the candidates is evaluated in the following three subjects:

The total time students have to answer 90 questions on this test is 150 minutes.

The format of the ParaPro test questions is multiple choice.

In the ParaPro Math test, test takers are not allowed to use the calculator.

The ParaPro test score ranges from 420 to 480, and the score that test-takers need to pass depends on the state or school district.

The math section of the ParaPro test covers the following topics:

  • Number and Quantity
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Interpretation, Statistics, and Probability

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How to Study for the ParaPro Math Test?

Those who want to become paraprofessionals should take the ParaPro Math test. Although it may seem difficult to pass the ParaPro Math test, test-takers will succeed if they are prepared enough.

If you are also planning to take this test, join us in this article. We guide you step by step on how to prepare for the ParaPro Math exam.

1. Choose your study program

One of the most important and first steps in preparing for the ParaPro Math test is to use credible resources and study guides. Fortunately, many authoritative books can help you in this regard.

Large test preparation companies usually publish books to prepare ParaPro test-takers, but finding the best books among them can be a bit confusing.

If you want to start studying ParaPro Math Test but do not know which complete book to use, ParaPro Math for Beginners The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Preparing for the ParaPro Math Test is a perfect and comprehensive book that can help you with a lot. This book is a great book to strengthen your skills and boost your self-confidence.

This one is an alternative book:

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Also, if you need a ParaPro workbook to gauge your knowledge, the ParaPro Math Practice WorkbookThe Most Comprehensive Review for the Math Section of the ParaPro Test is the best choice for you.
Worksheets can also be very helpful in preparing for the ParaPro Math test. Here are some great free worksheets for you: ParaPro Math Worksheets

There are also many online courses that you can take to prepare for the ParaPro Math exam.

ParaPro Math FREE Resources:

2. Change your attitude about math

The next important step in improving your skills for the ParaPro Math test is to have a positive attitude toward the math lesson. This may not seem like an important tip to you, but it can make a big difference.

A positive attitude will speed up the study process and increase your success rate in the ParaPro Math test. So always try to remind yourself that math is not a burden on you, but a lesson that is sweet if you learn it well.

3. Make the concepts clear

In the next step, it is better to analyze the mathematical concepts of the ParaPro test carefully. There are many benefits to doing this because it will save your time while studying.

Categorize the content and place each in one of two categories of basic or advanced concepts.

Then, first, study the basic math concepts of the ParaPro test. This will help you better understand the material and will prevent you from getting bored with math lessons.

4. Practice daily

It is a very important tip that your study should be regular and daily. If you have trouble following this point, you can set up a study schedule. Take a short time to study the basic math concepts first and gradually increase this time. Try to stick to this program as much as you can.

5. Find the best way to learn

It is better to know which learning method is the best way for you to speed up the learning process. There are many methods you can use.

You can hire a private tutor or read tutorial books to learn better.

There are books for beginners that you can use if you want to learn the basics of the ParaPro Math test.

You can also take prep courses and classes. It all depends on which book and which method you feel most comfortable with. So, find the best way to learn according to your situation and pave the way for your success in the ParaPro Math exam.

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6. Memorize the formulas well

Remembering the essential formulas in each math test can greatly speed up test takers’ answering the questions on test day.

In the ParaPro Math test, you will not be given a formula sheet, and this may even be to your advantage! Because the ParaPro Math test usually is used simple and easy formulas that you probably know most of them.

It is enough to learn the application of each formula well with more practice so that you can easily remember them on the day of the test.

7. Take Practice Tests

After going through all the above steps and studying enough, you can use the practice tests to gain more mastery of the ParaPro Math test content. This is important because it will improve your testing skills for the day of the ParaPro Math test.

At this stage, you can use online practice tests or books that include practice tests to further practice.

Try to simulate the test conditions and manage the time during the practice tests, because observing this point will greatly reduce your stress during the test.

8. Register for the test

You should visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website for detailed information on how to register.

To register, a Certification of Documentation Form, a ParaPro Registration Form, and an Eligibility Form (If English Is Not your Primary Language) are required and must be completed first then you should post them or email them to this address.

Remember that all documentation must be received at least three weeks before the expected test date at ETS, and all of them must be verified before the test date.

After approval of the documents and forms by ETS, you will receive an email with registration instructions. So you have to wait for your email approval before registering for the exam.

If you want to register at the test center, you must contact the test center you want to make an appointment with. In this case, you have to pay all the test costs directly to the test center.  

If you want to register for the test remotely, you will schedule an appointment and at the same time pay for the remote test.

9. Take the ParaPro Math test

Test day will be a fateful day for you! So try to get ready a little earlier than the start of the test. This will greatly reduce your stress.

Prepare the necessary equipment for the test day the night before. These include a valid identification card, one or two sharpened pencils, a good eraser, and a blue or black pen.

If it is home testing, two tissues are also allowed and the equipment is checked by the proctor before starting the test.

Remember that electronic devices, calculators, and any personal items are not allowed.

The math part of the ParaPro test consists of 30 questions and you have 30 minutes to answer the questions.

You need to be able to manage time efficiently during the test. Try to act fast but respond carefully.

Read the questions carefully and before marking an answer, pay attention to all the answer options.

There is no penalty for answering a question incorrectly, so do not leave any questions unanswered. Finally, if you have finished answering the test questions early, review your answers.

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ParaPro FAQs:

Here are some common questions about the ParaPro test:

What kind of math is on the ParaPro test?

The math section of the ParaPro test covers the following topics: Number and Quantity, Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Statistics, and Probability.

What is a passing score on the paraprofessional Math test?

The ParaPro test score ranges from 420 to 480, and the score that test-takers need to pass depends on the state or school district.

How do I study for the paraprofessional Math test?

You can use good prep books or online resources to prepare for the ParaPro Math test

What kind of questions are on the paraprofessional Math test?

The math section of the ParaPro test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions that test the math knowledge of test-takers.

Is the ParaPro Math test hard?

Like any other test, the ParaPro Math test may seem difficult, but if you are well prepared for test day, there is no reason to worry.

How long is a paraprofessional certificate good for?

The ParaPro test’s certification is valid for 3 years.

Can you take the ParaPro Math test online?

Yes, you can take this test remotely via your personal computer.

Can you use a calculator on the ParaPro Math test?

No, in the ParaPro Math test, test takers are not allowed to use the calculator.

Can you retake the ParaPro test?

Yes, you have to wait for 28 days after the initial test, then you can retake the test.

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Have any questions about the ParaPro Test?

Write your questions about the ParaPro or any other topics below and we’ll reply!

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