What Does ALEKS Stand for?

What Does ALEKS Stand for?

ALEKS stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, which is intelligent artificial learning and assessment system used by more than 25 million students in Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics, and Accounting.

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ALEKS was developed at the University of California by cognitive scientists, mathematicians, software engineers, and educators and is available for K-12, Higher Education, and Continuing Education. It is designed to first determine what you know and do not know and then provide explanations and practice problems for concepts you do not know. The findings of the ALEKS assessment test helps to find the right level for course placement.

ALEKS does not use multiple-choice questions. Instead, it uses an adaptable, easy-to-use method that mimics pencil and paper techniques. While taking the ALEKS test, a brief tutorial will help you learn how to use the ALEKS response input tools. Then you start evaluating ALEKS. In about 30 to 45 minutes, the ALEKS measures your current content knowledge by asking 20 to 30 questions.

ALEKS includes three parts:

  • An Initial Placement Assessment
  • The Learning  and Prep Module, self-paced online review
  • Access to 4 additional Placement Assessments

ALEKS is a Computer Adaptive Test. It means that each question will be selected based on the answers to all previous questions. It means that once you answer a question, you cannot go back and change your answer. So, each set of assessment questions is unique.

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