What Is a Good ALEKS Score?

What Is a Good ALEKS Score?

If you are preparing for the ALEKS, you need to know what is a good ALEKS score? Join us to answer this question in this post.

The Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces or is known as ALEKS, is an artificial intelligence-based assessment tool for evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of a student’s math knowledge. The findings of the ALEKS assessment test helps you to find the right level to place the course. The ALEKS uses an adaptable and easy-to-use method that simulates paper and pencil techniques. The test measures your current content knowledge by asking 20 to 30 questions, in about 30 to 45 minutes.

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Unlike other standardized tests, the ALEKS assessment does not provide a raw score or a score. Instead, ALEKS specifies what concepts the student has learned and what topics the student should learn. ALEKS offers your score immediately after completion. Your ALEKS result is a number between 0 and 100. This shows the percentage of topics that ALEKS has identified as your mastery. This does not mean that you have answered questions correctly! The more you master the topics, the more prepared you will be for math and science courses.

In most colleges, ALEKS scores of 30 or higher show enough preparation for college-level mathematics. However, if you want to be at the highest level in math courses and save time and tuition, a score of 75 or higher is required.

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What topics ALEKS assessment covers?

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