A Comprehensive Collection of Free ALEKS Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free ALEKS Math Practice Tests

What is the ALEKS math test?

ALEKS is a combination of assessment and learning in knowledge spaces. It is a powerful artificial intelligence-based assessment tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s knowledge and learning progress in depth.

ALEKS questions are not in multiple-choice format. They include 20 to 35 open-ended questions chosen by ALEKS without a time limit, however, a test usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to be completed.

Students don’t have the option of changing the answer to previous questions because each subsequent question is issued according to the answer to all previous questions.

You are not allowed to use personal calculators on a test day, but for some questions the ALEKS onscreen calculator button is active.

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This test has helped over 25,000,000 students in these years by determining the students’ exact knowledge of a subject.

The ALEKS test doesn’t provide a raw score and instead detects precisely the topics that students have mastered and those that they need to learn. So, with the help of this test, educators aren’t frustrated or bored anymore because it facilitates the process of learning.

Students are almost always successful at learning a topic that ALEKS offers them. Additionally, ALEKS provides a thoroughly detailed report for students to be aware of their own progress.

This test offers course products for Math, Chemistry, Statistics, and more. The questions also cover a variety of math subjects:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

As previously mentioned, the difficulty of the questions is based on the previous answers, so some students may never advance to Algebra 2 questions.

Many useful websites are available to help you succeed on the ALEKS math tests. These websites provide everything you need to prepare for the test. This includes practice tests, worksheets, ALEKS math lessons, exercises, and test-taking strategies. So, stay with us to introduce you to the best and most efficient websites.

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4 Best Websites for ALEKS Math Practice Tests

1. EfforthlessMath

This is one of the most comprehensive websites on the ALEKS math test. It can make math learning enjoyable, although math is the most difficult subject in the exam.

EfforthlessMath is a great resource where you can find worksheets, practice tests, study guides, and ALEKS math lessons as you need. Access to all these useful services helps you pass the test more confidently.

2. Test-guide

Test-guide helps you to find numerous free ALEKS practice test questions and answers to download. There are also ALEKS flashcards to review important topics and save time. This website provides a complete study guide to explain every essential subject in detail.

3. Mathhelp

Another helpful website to find a lot of free practice tests is Mathhelp. They divided the ALEKS math test into different subjects to help you practice specifically the areas you need support on, without wasting time on the subject matter that is easy for you. You can understand all essential information about the ALEKS math test through its study guide.

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4. Aleks

If you need a reliable website to find out everything about the ALEKS math test, nothing is better than ALEKS.com. It provides a free trial for test-takers to get access to answer explanations.

There is a tools tutorial to teach students how to answer different questions and after that, you go through a test that is similar to the real ALEKS math test.

6 Free ALEKS Math Practice Tests

Free ALEKS Math Course

Extra Practice to Help Achieve an Excellent Score

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 10 Best ALEKS Math Books

Although there are some free practice tests and courses to help you boost your score through different sections of the ALEKS math test, the importance of books is obvious to all students. But not all books are helpful enough. So, we are here to help you find the best and most comprehensive resources to save your time and money.

  1.  ALEKS math study guide provides a 2022 study guide that helps students successfully pass the test. This book contains math lessons, exercises, quizzes with answers, and 2 complete math tests. It is written by top ALEKS math experts, so it’s worth giving it a try.
  2. ALEKS math practice workbook is 100% aligned with the 2022 ALEKS math test. There are several math problems, exercises, sample ALEKS questions, and some quizzes with answers to facilitate your learning.
  3. The most comprehensive ALEKS math is a good resource to review all essential topics on the ALEKS math test. Everything that students need for the exam is available in this book.
  4. ALEKS math for beginners shows you the most effective and right strategies to ace the ALEKS math test. It is useful for students of every level, especially beginners.
  5. 5 ALEKS math practice tests book contains 5 series of questions that are very similar to the real exam. This book can help you identify your strengths and weakness before your test day. It includes thorough explanations and answers so you can learn from your mistakes, too.
  6. The benefit of the ALEKS math in 30 days book is that it persuades you to study for the test in a limited time. It precisely focuses on the topics that are essential for the ALEKS math test.
  7. ALEKS math exercise book provides many practice questions. It is a comprehensive workbook that challenges students to get ready for the real ALEKS math test.
  8. You can find comprehensive guidance, the best strategies, and math principles in the ALEKS math tutor book. There are also quizzes to check whether the students have learned each topic completely.
  9. Study with ALEKS math comprehensive prep bundle which makes learning easy. The questions cover the entire ALEKS math topics and concepts. You can get access to the complete explanations and answers too.
  10. The purpose of the ALEKS math full study guide is to help test-takers ace the ALEKS math test. This book contains a lot of exercises to help you get familiar with different types of questions.

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