Is ALEKS a Good Mathematics Program?

Is ALEKS a Good Mathematics Program?

The University of Missouri-St. Louis needs to ALEKS Assessment to determine preparation for math courses. The ALEKS is a web-based program that utilizes artificial intelligence to design a student’s weaknesses and strengths.

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 Placement Assessment is up to 30 questions and commonly takes 60-90 minutes to complete. ALEKS uses adaptive questions to adjust the learning modules provided. This means that each question will be selected based on the answers to all previous questions.

ALEKS involves three parts:

  • An Initial Placement Assessment
  • The Preparation and Learning Module, an individualized, self-paced online review
  • Access to 4 additional Placement Assessments

Students are encouraged to spend their time preparing and learning modules even if the desired score is obtained. Because the time spent in ALEKS will eventually lead to better preparation and improved grades.

But the important question about ALEKS is, is it a good program for math? In many ways, ALEKS is the best possible repetition in 21st-century textbook-style learning. This is an interactive book that knows exactly where the kids are and what they are struggling with, and it’s great. Decades of educational research show that when children work in their zone of proximal development, they are much more likely to succeed, and ALEKS keeps them there forever.

No two students are the same, so their learning paths should not be the same. No matter the size of the classroom, ALEKS provides a personal learning journey for each student to ensure they have the right level of support for their motivation and engagement.

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