Can You Cheat on the ALEKS Test?

Can You Cheat on the ALEKS Test?

If you are preparing for the ALEKS exam, surely you want to know if a test taker can cheat on the ALEKS Math test? Join us to answer this question.

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ALEKS stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces.  It has been widely used by students and universities to make learning fun and orderly. This tool has served as an assessment tool to measure students’ learning of different topics, contexts, and subjects.

ALEKS avoids multiple-choice questions and instead utilizes flexible, easy-to-use input tools that mimic paper and pencil techniques. ALEKS assesses your current content knowledge in a short amount of time (30-45 minutes for most courses) by asking several questions (usually 20-30).

Direct cheating when attending the assessment or test at ALEKS is difficult. Even survey results display that cheating in ALEKS is harder than cheating in real classes. Because ALEKS is an electronic web page that easily detects if you are cheating. You can get help with questions or problems with homework, but you cannot cheat directly while you are being for the assessment.

Respondus LockDown Browser is one of the tools developed to combat cheating on ALEKS. This browser acts as a special browser that restricts the testing environment. When launching the browser, your computer’s webcam and microphone must be set to run throughout the test session. Therefore, the browser relies heavily on your computer microphone and webcam to detect cheating.

The important thing about cheating is that cheating in the placement assessments is useless – your reward will be for taking a very difficult class for your current level of math knowledge.

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