Preparing For SAT Math? DON’T Make These Big Mistakes!

Here is the list of 5 common mistakes when students are preparing for SAT. You can make these mistakes you must avoid without realizing it.

Preparing For SAT Math? DON’T Make These Big Mistakes!

With many students I coached through SATs, I examined each test taker from different aspects before, during, and after the test.

Now that I’m writing these tips, I know what mistakes are the most common for students that can prevent them from having a perfect SAT.

To find these mistakes, I asked many students to describe their studying process, feelings, and what they did before or during the test.

I hope these tips help you to have the best SAT possible.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Preparing for SAT Math

1- DO NOT panic Before or During the SAT

Achieving high scores on tests and performing at your best requires not only thorough preparation but also the ability to remain calm under pressure. Maintaining a sense of composure is the key to achieving the best results.

In addition to being well-prepared, it is also crucial to keep a level head during the test. This means staying focused, managing your time effectively, and not getting too flustered by difficult questions.

Staying calm under real exam pressure can also help you avoid making careless mistakes. When you are calm and collected, you are better able to think clearly and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the test. This can help you stay on track and perform to your best.

The tip is essential for both the pre-exam preparation and also for doing the actual test.

During tests, don’t get tense when you get a mind-boggling question. Cool down and relax.

Nobody appreciates the exam phobia. Therefore, believe in yourself, trust what you have done, and leave the rest to fate.

Most students described the panic they felt before or during the test as the reason they failed to answer the question they knew the answer to!

2- DO NOT ignore your weak areas when studying for the SAT

SAT is a multi-subject and multi-dimensional test. Students are unique in their ways, with unique straight and weaknesses in math subjects.

Do not try to show what you know when studying. Instead, try to discover what you don’t know.

Once you know your weak areas, the remedial can be easily done.

Understand the mathematical problems and then solve them patiently to overcome your weaknesses.

You can take the to find your straight and weaknesses without leaving this page.

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3- DO NOT ignore calm sleep the night before the SAT

The night before the test day is a bad time to stay awake and study. Because It is a must to give your brain some rest before jumping into the pool of exams.

The same is essential regarding a healthy breakfast on SAT exam day.

Remember this, skipping sleep and breakfast is not less than sabotaging yourself.

4- DO NOT look at all questions first on the SAT

Looking at all questions before answering one is a common mistake that can make you nervous.

Our mind is programmed in a way that can handle one problem at a time.

Even if you are good at multitasking, you are still dealing with one problem at a time and switching between tasks faster.

Therefore, you better start at question number 1, and if you cannot answer it, move to the next one.

You better not try to find the easiest question to answer first. For the best result, deal with one question at a time.

It’s common for test writers to write easier questions first, so do not challenge yourself in ordering questions from easy to hard.

5- DO NOT blame yourself if you do not know the answer, move to the next question with no guilt

You will have enough time on SAT to return to the questions you did not know the answer to on the first try.

Move to the next question and leave this one for the end of the test.

There is a huge change that the answer to this question is laid on another question in the list.

Just read the subjects carefully. Sometimes test writers want to challenge your awareness by giving you the answer to previous questions in one of the following subjects!

So do not feel guilty; you still have the chance to find your answers in your question paper!

Keep reading for things you must DO to prepare for SAT Math.

Now I will tell you what I think are the most valuable tips for the SAT.

To deal with the mathematics exam SAT the following points can be helpful:

Do these if You are Preparing for SAT Math

1- Know the SAT

The test is known for being standardized.

Under similar conditions, the same tests are conducted for all the candidates so that the SAT scores are compared in a fair and free manner.

Knowing the nature of tests means that you can solve the SAT questions.

2- Practice for the test using real materials

Create a close to the real environment around yourself while doing the practice.

A more than three-hour study session is a great SAT practice session.

Get to know the environment that will likely surround you with people coughing, tapping, etc.

So explore the factors that can distract you.

Know your mathematical equipment before you use them in the exam hall. Using them on the spot can be a great problem in itself.

3- Study for SAT every day

A balanced study hour is a must.

It does not mean spending many hours but about spending quality time.

Half an hour to study for five months can be a great preparation experience for SAT.

Spending about half an hour every other day over five months is reasonable.

Consult available study aids to boost yourself.

4- Find your weaknesses by making mistakes

The best way to improve your performance is to identify your weaknesses, and one way to do that is by making mistakes.

When preparing for the SAT, it is important to review your practice tests and identify areas where you struggled.

As you complete SAT practice tests, it’s essential to take the time to review your mistakes. After finishing each set of sample questions, compare your answers with the correct answers provided in the answer key.

Carefully analyze the questions you answered incorrectly and identify the reasons for your mistakes.

You must adopt the mindset of an examiner and be thorough in your analysis. By understanding the mistakes you made, you can learn from them and avoid making the same errors in the future.

Consider the types of questions that gave you the most trouble, and work to improve your skills in those areas.

Remember that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process, and each mistake is an opportunity for growth. Don’t be discouraged by your errors, but instead, use them to your advantage. By analyzing your mistakes and focusing on your weaknesses, you can improve your SAT scores and increase your chances of success.

5- Use practical books to prepare for SAT Math Test

Here is the list of SAT books I recommend to get prepared for the SAT:

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