DO’s AND DON’Ts to Prepare for the SAT MATH

DO’s AND DON’Ts to Prepare for the SAT MATH

SAT tests are highly appreciated by students all over the world for further studies. Comprising of various elements which seem really dreadful is the mathematics part. The general fear of mathematics also prevails in case of SAT math exam.

To deal with the mathematics exam in SAT the following points can be helpful:

The do’s:

  1. Know the test: The test is known for being standardized. Under similar conditions, the same tests are conducted for all the candidates so that the scores are compared in a fair and free manner. Knowing the nature of tests means that you can solve the questions solve.
  2. Practice for the test using real materials. Create a close to the real environment around for yourself while doing the practice. A study session of more than three hours is a great practice session. Get to know the environment that is likely to surround you with people coughing, tapping etc. So explore the factors that can distract you.
  3. A balanced study hour is a must. It does not mean to spend a lot of hours but it is about spending quality time. A regular half an hour for the 4 to 5 months to study can be a great experience. Time Prepare over time. Spending about half an hour every other day over a 4-5 month period is reasonable. Consult available study aides to boost up yourself.
  4. Once doing practice tests it is necessary to find the mistakes you have done. Once you are done with your sample questions compare them with the answers to the sample questions for practice. Analyze the decision of choosing a particular answer. Be your own examiner and once done understand the mistakes you made and learn from them.
  5. Know your mathematical equipment before you use them in the exam hall. Using them on the spot can be a great problem in itself.

Don't forget

The Don’ts:

  1. The well-done scores and the well-done test besides preparation needs to stay cool. The tip is essential for both the pre-exam preparation and also for doing the exams. During exam don’t get tense when you get a question that is mind-boggling. Cool down and relax. Understand the mathematical problems and then solve them patience.
  2. Do not ignore your weak areas. SAT is a multi-subject and multi-dimensional test. Once you get to know your weak areas, the remedial can be easily done. Concentrate to overcome your weaknesses. This self-remedial session can do well.
  3. Don’t ignore your calm sleep before the test day. It is a must to give your brain some rest before jumping in the pool of exam. The same is essential regarding a healthy breakfast on exam day. Skipping the sleep and the breakfast is not less than sabotaging yourself.
  4. Do not get scared or nervous. Exam phobia is nothing to be appreciated. Just believe in yourself. Trust what have you done and leave the rest to fate.
  5. Don’t get stressed on looking at the questions. Attempt what you think is easier first.

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