FTCE General Knowledge Test Review

FTCE General Knowledge Test Review

For the aspiring teacher about to take the jump and take the FTCE General Knowledge Test. The exam will cover all of the skills that you need to know to be an instructor.

This article will contain everything that you need to know about the exam and how to register, what to expect on the test, tips, and additional information. 

What exactly is the FTCE Test?

The FTCE test is a general test that aspiring teachers must take to become board-certified teachers.

The teacher must first apply for the board certification and then take the test.

The exams will differ depending on which type of curriculum the teacher will teach.

The type of certification will also reflect what type of test the teachers take as well.

The FTCE is made up of 47 exams.

What is the FTCE like?

  • Four general knowledge subtests
  • Professional education exam
  •  Elementary level K-12 exam

But in this article, we will focus primarily on the FTCE examination.

The Cost

  • The FTCE test cost about $130 for the first attempt.
  • The second attempt cost $15

According to FTCE Registration Info, the test costs the same amount across the board. It doesn’t matter how many subject areas You need to complete. So it would be in your best interest to achieve all four subtests.

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Here is how to register for FTCE Test

  1. Go to FELE Register FTCE to register.
  1. Once there, create an account and enter a password that is easy to remember. 
  1. Click register for the FTCE exam, click on the test, answer a few background questions, and read and confirm the testing policies.
  1. Under the open registration, click on schedule, and select the test site, date, and time under the open registration.
  1. Review registration, then enter your credit or debit card.

Breakdown of the FTCE Exam:

              Subtest               Time                 Task
Essay            50 minutes                1 Essay
English Language Skills          (ELS)             40 minutes40 Multiple Choice Question
Reading             55 minutes40 Multiple Choice Question
Math           1hr 40 minutes40 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Test-takers will not know which questions are field test items (real or fake )

The FTCE has an informative table breaking down the FTCE/FELE Maximum Percentages needed to pass the test.

Sample Question

Sample questions can help you prepare and become more confident.

Math Sample Questions

  1. The regular price of a computer is $1200 and the regular price of a printer is $300. An electronics store has a promotion that offers a 40%  discount on the printer when the computer is purchased at the regular price. What are the total cost of the computer and the printer at the promotional price?

Choose an answer

  • $1320
  •  $1320
  • $1380
  • $1460
  • $1500

English Sample Question

  1. Choose the sentence in which the past perfect verb tense is appropriately used.
  • They must finish their dinner before the game starts.
  • They will not finish dinner before the game starts.
  • They are finishing their dinner before the game starts.
  • They had not finished dinner before the game started.
  1. Daniel Shays was a militia captain during the American Revolution. 2 When there was no relief from increasingly onerous tax policies, Shays led a rebellious group in a series of attacks on government installations. 3 Although the rebellion was technically a failure, it frightened many politicians and led directly to the ratification of the Constitution. Which is the best placement for the following sentence to make the sequence of ideas in the paragraph clearer? Following the war, he and many others endured severe financial hardships, largely due to excessive taxation to pay off war debts.

Choose an answer

  • immediately before sentence 1
  • immediately after sentence 1
  • immediately before sentence 3

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Study Resources 

Below is a link to a testing site that first you have to register. Enter your first and last name along with your email address.

Different types of examples test on Mathematics, English & ELS, and  Reading to access the exams.

After you have completed the exam, the test will instantly be auto-graded so that you can see your strengths and weaknesses.

Encourages you to work on your weaknesses so you can become stronger and pass with flying colors!

Many of the tests are labeled  (vision 1) or (vision 2). Both exams.

With additional resources, provide a video explanation showing you why the answer is incorrect. This test prep does cost money for certain levels.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start. Well, take the Study Guide & Prep Course – Online Video Lessons FTCE course.

The course reflects the exam so all the information you need will be in one place.

Study.com is a great site to use because it has videos, presentations, quizzes, tests, and practice exams to help you study for the FTCE.

All of the subjects are neatly arranged, from reading and writing to math subtests.

You get a full in-depth guide on everything single subject on the FTCE. Here is the course overview:

  • The course type is self-paced, meaning you can take courses anywhere and go at your own pace.
  •  The available lessons are 156.
  • The average lesson length is 8 minutes long.

Interestingly enough, if you are currently in college, you can earn credit toward your college degree by completing the course. So prepare yourself for the big exam that will one day make you a teacher, and you’ll earn college credits simultaneously. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

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