FTCE General Knowledge Math Preparation 2020 – 2021: FTCE Math Workbook + 2 Full-Length FTCE Math Practice Tests
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FTCE General Knowledge Math Preparation 2020 – 2021 FTCE Math Workbook + 2 Full-Length FTCE Math Practice Tests

A PERFECT FTCE General Knowledge Math Prep Book!

FTCE General Knowledge Math Preparation 2020 - 2021, which reflects the 2020 - 2021 test guidelines, is designed by FTCE Math test prep experts to help you ace the FTCE Math Test. This FTCE Math prep new edition has been updated to replicate questions appearing on the most recent FTCE General Knowledge math tests. Upon completion of this comprehensive FTCE Math prep book, you will have a solid foundation and sufficient practice to ace the FTCE General Knowledge Math test. This prep book is your ticket to scoring higher on FTCE General Knowledge Math.

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The BEST book to help you ACE the General Knowledge Mathematics Test!

Not only does this perfect and comprehensive FTCE Math book include everything you will ever need to conquer the FTCE Math test, but it also contains two full-length and realistic FTCE Math practice tests that reflect the format and question types on the FTCE to help you check your exam-readiness and identify where you need more practice.

FTCE General Knowledge Math Preparation 2020 – 2021 contains many exciting and unique features to help you improve your test scores, including:

  • Content 100% aligned with the 2020 FTCE General Knowledge test
  • Complete coverage of all FTCE Math concepts and topics which you will be tested
  • Numerous FTCE math practice questions in both multiple-choice and grid-in formats with answers grouped by topic, so you can focus on your weak areas
  • Abundant Math skill-building exercises to help test-takers approach different question types that might be unfamiliar to them
  • 2 full-length practice tests (featuring new question types) with detailed answers

This FTCE Math prep book and other Effortless Math Education books are used by thousands of students each year to help them review core content areas, brush-up in math, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and achieve their best scores on the FTCE test.

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