FTCE General Knowledge Math- Test Day Tips

FTCE General Knowledge Math- Test Day Tips

The FTCE is a set of tests used to certify teachers of all levels in Florida by state standards. The FTCE is a key step in becoming certified to teach at public schools, depending on the type of teacher you want and at what level you have specific needs.

The General Knowledge test is one of the most basic components of FTCE. The General Knowledge Test assesses your abilities with teaching principles, using the material you may have already learned much earlier in your academic work.

The General Knowledge test consists of four parts: essay, math, reading, and language. You have more than four hours to complete the exam – especially more than three hours for multiple choice and 50 minutes for writing an essay.

The math test lasts 100 minutes and has 45 questions, all of which are multiple-choice. The FTCE General Knowledge Math Test does not provide a list of all the formulas that the test-taker needs for the test. So, test-taker have to memorize many important formulas. By planning, practicing, and repeating, you can perform well in the mathematics part.

You have prepared yourself for the exam. And now is the time to learn the important points for the test day. Here are some helpful tips for you.

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The Night before the Test!

Give your brain a break

The day before the FTCE General Knowledge Math, do not study any new mathematics that you have not studied before. If you want to study the day before the test, just review the tips and formulas you wrote earlier. It is best to take a break the day before the FTCE General Knowledge Math to have a great day.

Have a healthy dinner

It is a proven fact that what you eat affects your mental and physical functioning. Foods like grilled fish with steamed vegetables, mixed fruits for dessert, and decaffeinated drinks will be great. Fatty and heavy food can make a person lethargic after a meal.

Check the test site

The day before the FTCE General Knowledge math test, go to your test center area and find the test center address. If you do this, you will not waste test time in the morning to find the destination. Browse the test site to learn about the environment. Familiarity with the environment makes you feel more comfortable on the day of the test.

Prepare the test equipment

Prepare the tools needed for the FTCE General Knowledge, such as a pencil, the ID card the night before the test, and place them in a convenient place so you can easily find them. Avoid taking unnecessary items such as books in the test session.

Set alarm

Set a time to wake up early on exam morning to have enough time to eat breakfast and get ready. In this case, you do not need to hurry, and this can greatly calm your mind. Having peace of mind plays an important role in your success and increasing your productivity.

Get enough sleep

Not only does sleep help your long-term memory to retain information, but getting enough sleep in the days leading up to the test will help you become more alert, positive, and less stressed.

On Test Day!

Have a healthy breakfast

Eat a balanced breakfast. Try to eat breakfast as healthy and light as possible. Avoid high-risk foods or anything that changes your eating habits as much as possible. This way you will not have any problems during the test.

Wear appropriate clothing

Choose clothes that you are comfortable with. With this in mind, it allows you to sit comfortably in a chair for a long time and answer FTCE General Knowledge test questions without getting tired.

Double-check everything

Before leaving, check all items again to make sure you have not missed anything.

Arrive early at the test center

Enter the test session early to be present half an hour before the test starts. You have to anticipate the unexpected. Being late increases your stress and this can be a factor in reducing your good performance.

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During the Test!

Keep calm

Keep calm under any circumstances. You have tried hard to prepare for the FTCE General Knowledge test before starting the exam. So calm down and let your mind work properly and do not be afraid of anything.

Consider a brain dump

It means writing down formulas, equations on a piece of scrap paper as soon as you receive the exam. Do not forget to record the items you are worried about later, you can start the exam with more confidence and less stress.

Reading is Fundamental

Taking the time to read each test question and answer carefully is crucial to doing well in the FTCE exams. Some experts even recommend that you read the entire test section before deciding on an answer.

As you read the questions, identify the questions you are confident in. Also, highlight the questions you are most nervous about. Think of your initial performance as a preview of what’s to come. This can help you focus your attention on test clues and give you the confidence you need for a strong finish.

Elimination of the incorrect answer

When taking the FTCE test, the elimination process is a test strategy. Even when we do not know the answer, it is often easier to easily determine which options we know are incorrect. To make sure you use this strategy the most, eliminate the answer options that you know are not correct. Even if you think you know the right answer, analyze each option to see if it is probably right. Eliminate wrong items.

Recheck problems

If you have time after the test, check the problems again. An incorrect sign can change the answer to a math question.

After the Test!

The test is over and now is the time to rest. There is nothing that you can do about the test. So do not stress yourself by thinking about the test. Spend time with things you enjoy, like watching movies, making food, or even going out with friends.

If you pass the exam, congratulations! Do not be upset if you do not pass the test. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the next test with more planning and practice.

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