How is the FTCE General Knowledge Test Scored?

How is the FTCE General Knowledge Test Scored?

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations are standardized tests used to test the qualifications of future teachers according to Florida state standards. Teachers usually apply for board certification and then take their FTCE exams. The type of certificate determines what test or tests they need to take.

The FTCE is a group of 47. There are four general knowledge sub-tests, 42 subject area exams, and a professional education exam. The FTCE exams are available for all levels K-12.

The General Knowledge exam splits up into four sections: Essay, Mathematics, Reading, and English Language Arts. The math test lasts one hour and 40 minutes and has 45 questions, all of which are multiple-choice. The essay section is as it appears, you will be given a prompt for which you will have to write an essay. This section of the test will last 50 minutes. The Reading exam is 55 minutes long and has 40 questions, also in multiple-choice. The English Language Arts exam has the same format and structure but takes 40 minutes.

The FTCE General Knowledge Test uses a unique scoring system for grading candidates. To explain how this system works and that it exactly qualifies as a passing score on the test, read on.

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What score do you need to pass the FTCE?

The general knowledge test is first assessed using a “raw” score, which is simply the number of questions you answered correctly on the test. The score is then converted into a scaled score, which is presented as a percentage.

To pass the English Language Skills (ELS) subtest with a minimum score, candidates must pass 68% of the total number of questions correctly. To get a score of 200, candidates must get 75% of the total questions of the reading subtest correct and 69% for the math part.

The ELS and reading subtests each contain approximately 40 multiple-choice questions, so candidates must obtain approximately 27 and 30 questions correct in these sections, respectively.

The math test consists of 45 questions, which means that candidates need about 31 correct answers to get a passing score.

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How is the Essay subtest scores?

This performance-based test section presents candidates with a pair of possible topics, and candidates choose the one they find most amenable. Due to the format of this section, the scaling system is not used. Instead, a pair of reviews score this section holistically. Each rater gives a score of 1-6, and the final score of a candidate is the sum of these two numbers. Essays based on a candidate’s ability to demonstrate knowledge of several competencies, including:

  • Effective use of transitional devices
  • Proficient understanding of advanced-level English: language conventions, diction, syntax.
  • Use of a concluding section or statement to summarize an argument
  • Maintaining a consistent perspective
  • Adhere to standard conventions of English

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