Overview of the FTCE General Knowledge Math Test

Overview of the FTCE General Knowledge Math Test

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, as known as FTCE, is a series of more than 40 assessments performed in Florida. These exams are administered by aspiring teachers and are used to verify that candidates have the knowledge and skills to teach in the state. The purpose of these exams is to provide a Florida Bureau of Educator Certification office to assess the readiness of potential teachers.

The General Knowledge Exam is maybe one of the most basic components of the FTCE. As the name implies, the General Knowledge Test assesses your abilities with the principles of teaching, using what you have probably learned much earlier in your academic work.

The General Knowledge test divide into four parts:

  • Essay (1 essay-50 minute)
  • Math (45 questions-100 minutes)
  • Reading (40 questions-55 minutes)
  • English Language Arts (40 questions-40 minutes)

You have more than four hours to complete the exam – especially more than three hours for multiple-choice and a total of 50 minutes to write out your essay.

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How is the structure of the FTCE Mathematics Test?

The FTCE General Knowledge Test measures the basic knowledge of eager teachers before they begin classwork. The math subtest is one of four subtests that must be passed to Florida teachers before they can be certified. The math section consists of 45 multiple choice questions, and each question will contain four answer options. You choose the best answer from the available options and show A, B, C, or D. The student have 100 minutes to answer questions. The mathematics topics involve:

  • Familiarity with operations, concepts, and number sense (17%)
  • Knowledge of geometry and measurement (21%)
  • Familiarity with coordinate plane, and algebraic thinking (29%)
  • Knowledge of statistics, probability, and data interpretation (33%)

Do you get a formula sheet on the FTCE Mathematics Test?

The FTCE General Knowledge Math Test does not provide you with a list of all the formulas you need for the test. You have to memorize many important formulas.

Is the FTCE General Knowledge Test hard?

The FTCE General Knowledge Test measures the same course academic skills you used at university, so the test should not be difficult, especially if you do well in your studies.

Can you bring a calculator for the FTCE General Knowledge Mathematics Test?

The exam center will provide you with a scientific calculator, then you are not allowed to bring your calculator.

What score do you need to pass the FTCE General Knowledge Test?

You need a scaled score of 200 or 69% of the questions answered correctly to pass all composite tests and multiple choice. Essay sections for General Knowledge tests require at least 8 out of a possible 12 points.

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