Top 10 Tips to Overcome ACT Math Anxiety

Top 10 Tips to Overcome ACT Math Anxiety

Do you think that by looking at the ACT sheet, you will forget everything you know? Despite many studies, do you still feel that you cannot answer the questions? One of the problems that many students face is not having a calm mind during exams and tests. Exam stress can lead to unpleasant results as well as serious damage to the psyche of students. Therefore, controlling stress and anxiety during the ACT can be a big step towards achieving the best result in the ACT.

Join us to learn the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety for the ACT.

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1- Know what to expect

Instead of blindly taking the ACT, learn about the test. At the very least, learn a little about the test format to know what to expect. However, it is best to try your hand at the past year or take a practice test.

The ACT provides sample questions and tests. Find out about what is covered in the exams. Do a few practice tests in time to see where you need to read more.

2- Study in advance

Do not wait until the last minute to start studying for the ACT. Instead, start studying a few months in advance to be ready by the time the test begins. Use the introductory test resources that provide sample questions, test tips, and other information about the entrance exam. If you cannot afford an expensive test preparation service, there are still plenty of free resources available online or at your local library.

3- Master the basics

Many math mistakes are either careless errors or lack foundational knowledge. Dealing with multi-step equations becomes far less daunting when students know all the components and solve each problem piece-by-piece, applying a clear execution of basic math.  Likewise, doubling basic math skills reduces the likelihood of stupid mistakes. Students can approach mathematics with confidence when they are confident in the tools at their disposal: basic math skills.

4- Put pencil to paper

Anxiety tends to go back when students do not know where to start, whether it is dealing with the ACT or any other math test. This is why it is so helpful when parents, educators, or teachers encourage students to write their work by hand, including the formulas, equations, and steps needed to complete a math problem.  By writing it all down, students take responsibility for their minds to abstractly sort through processes and calculation work. It also helps students stay organized and on task.

5- Treat yourself well to ease stress

Math stress and anxiety can manifest themselves with physical symptoms just like any other type of stress. Good body care can help you reduce the worst aspects of your math anxiety and feel more at ease with getting through it. Get enough sleep and eat well. Being tired or hungry can make feelings of stress and anxiety worse. Being well fed and resting makes it easy to get close to the math of ACT.

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6- Know the test location

If you are unfamiliar with the test site, travel to the site before the test. You don’t want to get lost on the way to the test and arrive late, this will help reduce any extra stress of finding your way.

7- Prepare required items the night before

The night before, prepare all the items in the ACT day checklist so that you do not search for them on the morning of the test. It means that you must have your ID card, admission ticket, No. 2 pencils, eraser, and calculator ready to take to the test in the morning. Again, less stress before the test helps boost your confidence, and you can focus on what matters.

8- Be punctual

Getting to the test site early will help you overcome test anxiety. But if you get there late, you will make the situation worse. So make sure you get to the test room early so you can sit, lie down and take deep breaths before the test starts.

9- Stay positive

Negativity leads to anxiety. As soon as you start thinking negatively about the test, stop thinking about those things. Instead, keep telling yourself that you can do it well. It is also important to stay away from other anxious or negative test takers. When you hear others being negative, you make negative thinking easier on yourself.

10- Start with the easy questions

A simple tip to feel better about the exam is to forget the order in which the questions are written. Do what you know how to do before any bigger challenge. It builds confidence for the other challenging questions you will encounter later.

It is good to know that it is normal to have a little stress for a test like ACT math. You can use the above strategies to overcome this level of anxiety and succeed in your test. But if you feel that the level of anxiety has reached a level that cannot be controlled with the usual methods, be sure to consult with a counselor in this field so that you can take the ACT math test with a calm mind.

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