10 Most Common HSPT Math Questions

10 Most Common HSPT Math Questions

Preparing for the HSPT Math test? Want a preview of the most common mathematics questions on the HSPT Math test? If so, then you are in the right place.

The mathematics section of HSPT can be a challenging area for many test-takers, but with enough patience, it can be easy and even enjoyable!

Preparing for the HSPT Math test can be a nerve-wracking experience. Learning more about what you’re going to see when you take the HSPT can help to reduce those pre-test jitters. Here’s your chance to review the 10 most common HSPT Math questions to help you know what to expect and what to practice most. Try these 10 most common HSPT Math questions to hone your mathematical skills and to see if your math skills are up to date on what’s being asked on the exam or if you still need more practice.

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10 Sample HSPT Math Practice Questions

1-If \(60\%\) of A is \(20\%\) of \(B\), then \(B\) is what percent of \(A\)?

A. \(3\%\)

B. \(30\%\)

C. \(200\%\)

D. \(300\%\)

2- The price of a car was \($20,000\) in \(2014, $15,000\) in \(2015\) and \($11,200\) in \(2016\). What is the rate of depreciation of the price of a car per year?

A. \(15\%\)

B. \(25\%\)

C. \(30\%\)

D. \(35\%\)

3- The width of a box is one-third of its length. The height of the box is one-third of its width. If the length of the box is \(45\) cm, what is the volume of the box?

A. \(81\) cm\(^3\)

B. \(162\) cm\(^3\)

C. \(243\) cm\(^3\)

D. \(3375\) cm\(^3\)

4- How many possible outfit combinations come from six shirts, three slacks, and five ties?

A. 15

B. 18

C. 30

D. 90

5- A bank is offering \(4.5\%\) simple interest on a savings account. If you deposit \($8,000\), how much interest will you earn in five years?

A. \($360\)

B. \($720\)

C. \($1800\)

D. \($3600\)

6- What is the value of \(6^4 \)?

A. 216

B. 1296

C. 7776

D. 46656

7- \(15\) is What percent of \(20\)?

A. \(20\%\)

B. \(25\%\)

C. \(75\%\)

D. \(125\%\)

8- The perimeter of the trapezoid below is \(56\). What is its area?

A. \(56\) cm

B. \(132\) cm

C. \(156\) cm

D. \(175\) cm

9-In five successive hours, a car traveled \(40\) km,\(45\) km,\(50\) km,\(35\) km and \(55\) km. In the next five hours, it traveled with an average speed of \(65\) km per hour. Find the total distance the car traveled in \(10\) hours.

A. \(425\) km

B. \(450\) km

C. \(550\) km

D. \(600\) km

10- How long does a \(420\)–miles trip take moving at \(65\) miles per hour (mph)?

A. \( 4\) hours

B. \(4\) hours and \(24\) minutes

C. \(6\) hours and \(24\) minutes

D. \(8\) hours and \(30\) minutes

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1- D
Write the equation and solve for \(B\): \(0.60 A=0.20 B\), divide both sides by \(0.20\), then:
\(\frac{0.60}{0.20 } A=B\), therefore: \(B=3A\), and B is \(3\) times of A or it’s \(300\%\) of A.

2- B
Use this formula: Percent of Change \(\frac{New \ Value-Old \ Value}{Old \ Value}×100\% \)
\(\frac{15000-20000}{20000}×100\%=-25\%\) and\(\frac{11200-15000}{15000}×100\%=-25\% \)

3- D
If the length of the box is \(45\), then the width of the box is one-third of it, \(15\), and the height of the box is \(5 \) (one-third of the width). The volume of the box is:
\(V=lwh =(45)(15)(5)=3375\)

4- D
To find the number of possible outfit combinations, multiply the number of options for each factor: \(6×3×5=90\)

5- C
Use simple interest formula: \(I=prt \)(\(I=\)interest,\(p=\)principal,\(r=\)rate,\(t=\)time)

6- B

7- C
\(x=\frac{15}{20}=0.75=75\% \)

8- C
The perimeter of the trapezoid is \(56\). Therefore, the missing side (height) is \(=56-18-12-14=12\). Area of a trapezoid: \(A=\frac{1}{2 } h (b_{1}+b_{2})=\frac{1}{2}(12)(12+14)=156\)

9- C
Add the first \(5\) numbers. \(40+45+50+35+55=225\)
To find the distance traveled in the next \(5\) hours, multiply the average by several hours.
Distance\(=\)Average\(×\)Rate \(= 65×5 =325\)
Add both numbers. \(325+225=550\)

10- C
Use distance formula: Distance \(=\)Rate\(×\)time \(⇒ 420=65×T\), divide both sides by \(65. 420÷65=T ⇒ T=6.4\) hours. Change hours to minutes for the decimal part. \(0.4\) hours \(=0.4×60 =24\) minutes.

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