How Is the HSPT Test Scored?

How Is the HSPT Test Scored?

The High School Placement Test, or HSPT, is administered to 8th graders who intend to apply to private Catholic high schools. The HSPT score is involved in admission as well as advanced placement and scholarship opportunities available.

Because many colleges often prefer private school applicants, your HSPT score can have a big impact on your long-term future. So understanding the HSPT scoring system can make a big difference in setting goals and creating a study plan.

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How does the HSPT scoring system work?

The test is offered in both open and closed forms and assesses skill levels in five areas: quantitative, verbal, mathematics, reading, and language. The HSPT is a multiple-choice test. The student receives one point for each correct answer, and no penalty is considered for incorrect or omitted answers. This raw score is then converted to a scaled score of 200-800. In addition to the scaled score, the score report likely offers several other performance analyzes, including national and local percentages, standard scores, score equivalents, and cognitive skills quotients.

National and local percentiles both provide comparisons of student scores to either the nation or a select group of students in the area. For example, if a student receives 50% of the national percentage, it means that he/she scored better than 50% of the total test-takers in the nation.

Standard scores (SS) compare student scores to standard scales that do not vary from year to year, allowing administrators to compare test-takers to previous years.

Grade equivalents (GE) assess the student’s ability to do work compared to other grade levels, but should not be used to indicate future ability.

The Cognitive Skills Coefficient (CSQ) measures a student’s ability in terms of age and test scores. In terms of similar methods of IQ score, the CSQ is seen as an assessment of potential future academic success.

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What is a good HSPT test score?

The HSPT scores are reported in percentiles. 76th to 99th percentiles are considered high. 24th- 75th percentiles are average, and 1st to 23rd percentiles are low. The 50th percentile is considered as a precisely average HSPT score. So a good HSPT score is usually above 75.

What HSPT scores do test-takers receive?

Students receive a grade for each section. The scores of the separate sections are also added together in different ways to give the test-taker three composite points:

Total basic skills score:

Convert student math, language, and reading scores.

Total cognitive skills score:

This grade is based on the student’s verbal and quantitative grades.

Battery composite score:

This score is the most comprehensive, the reflection of student performance in all sections.

There are optional HSPT exam sections, such as science or religion that some schools may require for admission. In these cases, the optional test results are presented separately and are not included in the battery composite score.

What is a passing score for the HSPT?

The HSPT test is obtained on a scale of 200 with the lowest possible score and 800 with the highest score. However, each school has a different set score, which is considered “passing”.

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