Top 10 Free Websites for HSPT Math Preparation

The high school Placement Test (HSPT) is an examination that's administered by Scholastic Testing Services as an admissions examination.

Top 10 Free Websites for HSPT Math Preparation

It’s been designed for grade-level students pursuing entry into Catholic high school s and is that the first battery test explicitly created to help with the location of scholars entering high school. Since 1955 it’s been used as how to assess students’ competencies in cognitive and major skill areas. To supply results that are comparable and accurate for freshman-level high school students, the HSPT exam may be a standardized test.

The fourth section of the HSPT exam is the Mathematics section. The Mathematics section is 45 minutes long and is the longest individual section on the test. It’s one among two sections on the test featuring mathematical questions. The Mathematics section also features sixty-four questions, the best number on any section of the test; however, students also are given the foremost time per question (a little but 45 seconds per question, on average) of any section on the test.

Our solution for those of you who do not have enough time or even money to attend HSPT exam preparation classes is to browse the following websites that will help you with the free practice tests, math exercises, and effective strategies to ace the HSPT test.

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1: Effortless Math

EffortlessMath is the most comprehensive site that prepares you for the HSPT exam.

The content of the HSPT test includes Exercises, worksheets, formulas, mock tests, and HSPT math test strategies that will bring you closer to success in the HSPT test.

2: Varsity Tutors

Explore the Varsity Learning Tools free diagnostic tests for HSPT to work out which academic concepts you understand and which of them require your ongoing attention. Each HSPT problem is tagged right down to the core, the underlying concept that’s being tested. The HSPT diagnostic assay results highlight how you performed on each area of the test. you’ll then utilize the results to make a customized study plan that’s supported your particular area of need.

3: Mometrix

The comprehensive Mometrix site is a good and comprehensive guide for you in advancing the HSPT test. Mometrix will prepare you for the HSPT test by using flashcards, study guides, and HSPT online course and it will accelerate your success process.

Best HSPT Math Prep Resource for 2022

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Many high schools and other college high schools use the High-Level Test (HSPT) to assess potential applicants. The STUDY-GUIDE test measures students’ skills and abilities in five categories: language, reading, verbal skills, math, and quantitative skills by using the free HSPT exam tests and HSPT practice tests.

5: Study Time Tutoring

Many parochial and personal schools within the Bay Area require the high school Placement Test or the HSPT, and because the test is often amongst the deciding factors on whether a student is admitted, success on the exam is often important. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that retaking the test is strongly discouraged. So you’ll want to form sure you’re able to do your absolute best the primary time you’re taking the HSPT test, Study Time Tutoring will assist you.

6: Trivium Test Prep

Lack of knowledge and awareness of HSPT test questions will reduce your chances of passing this test. Trivium Test Prep‘s free practice questions, which are just like the ones you will see on the real exam, introduce you to questions and prepare you for test day.

The Best Study Guide for the HSPT Math Test

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Preparing for the HSPT exam is fun and straightforward with help from! offers exclusive access to a full suite of tools and resources you’ll utilize to create your mastery of topics covered on the exam.

8: Test Prep Preview

The TPR or Test Prep Review website provides free online test preparation resources using Mometrix website resources. HSPT test resources and questions will help you prepare for the HSPT test and get acquainted with the question design process.

9: Complete Test Preparation

Complete Test Preparation will prevent you from taking the HSPT exam again or several times by providing free practice questions to get up to speed, HSPT FAQ, Multiple Choice Strategy to increase your score, Test Tips, plus complete HSPT study guide and practice tests in the printable PDF download.

10: Smart Edition

SE or Smart Edition finds the best and the brightest authors, educators, subject matter experts, and innovators to dissect each test and work to write the exact information.

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