Top 10 HSPT Math Practice Questions

Top 10 HSPT Math Practice Questions

Looking for some sample HSPT Math practice questions to help your student prepare for the test? The best way to prepare for the HSPT Math test is to work through as many HSPT Math practice questions as possible. Here are the top 10 HSPT Math practice questions to help your student reviews the most important HSPT Math concepts. These HSPT Math practice questions are designed to cover mathematics concepts and topics that are found on the actual test. The questions have been fully updated to reflect the latest 2022 HSPT guidelines. Answers and full explanations are provided at the end of the post.

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HSPT Math Practice Questions

1- When a number is subtracted from 24 and the difference is divided by that number, the result is 3. What is the value of the number?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 12

2- An angle is equal to the one-ninth of its supplement. What is the measure of that angle?

A. 18

B. 24

C. 36

D. 45

3- John traveled 150 km in 6 hours and Alice traveled 160km in 4 hours. What is the ratio of the average speed of John to the average speed of Alice?

A. 3: 2

B. 2 : 3

C. 5: 8

D. 5: 6

4- A taxi driver earns $7 per 1-hour work. If he works 10 hours a day and in 1 hour he uses 2-liters petrol with price $1 for 1-liter. How much money does he earn in one day?

A. $90

B. $88

C. $50

D. $30

5- Find the average of the following numbers: \(12,13,7,21,22\)

A. 17

B. 16.5

C. 15

D. 11

6- The price of a sofa is decreased by \(15\% \) to $476. What was its original price?

A. $480

B. $520

C. $560

D. $600

7- Right triangle ABC has two legs of lengths 9 cm (AB) and 12 cm (AC). What is the length of the third side (BC)?

A. 6 cm

B.  8 cm

C. 14 cm

D. 15 cm

8- If \(40\%\) of a class are girls, and \(25\%\) of girls play tennis, what percent of the class play tennis?

A. \(10\%\)

B. \(15\%\)

C. \(20\%\)

D. \(40\%\)

9- The area of a circle is less than \(36 π\). Which of the following can be the circumference of the circle?

A. \(10 π\)

B. \(12 π\)

C. \(24 π\)

D. \(36 π\)

10- Which of the following values for \(x\) and \(y\) satisfy the following system of equations?
\(\begin{cases}x+4y=10 \\ 5x+10y=10\end{cases}\)

A. \( x=3,y=2\)

B. \( x=2,y−3\)

C. \(x=−6,y=4\)

D. \( x=4,y=−2\)

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1- C
Let \(x\) be the number. Write the equation and solve for \(x. (24-x)÷x=3\)
Multiply both sides by \(x. (24-x) =3x\), then add \(x\) both sides. \(24=4x\), now divide both sides by \(4. x=6\)

2- A
The sum of supplement angles is \(180\). Let \(x\) be that angle. Therefore, \(x+9x =180,10x=180\), divide both sides by \(10: x=18\)

3- C
The average speed of john is: \(150÷6=25\) km, The average speed of Alice is: \(160÷4=40\) km.Write the ratio and simplify. \(25∶40 ⇒ 5:8\)

4- C
\($7×10=$70\), Petrol use: \(10×2=20\) liters. Petrol cost: \(20×$1=$20\)
Money earned: \($70-$20=$50\)

5- C
average \(=\frac{sum \ of \ terms}{number \ of \ terms}=\frac{12+ 13+7+21+22}{5} = \frac{75}{5} =15\)

6- C
Let \(x\) be the original price. If the price of the sofa is decreased by \(15\%\) to $476, then: \(85\%\) of \(x=476 ⇒ 0.85x=476 ⇒ x=476÷0.85=560\)

7- D
Use Pythagorean Theorem: \(a^2+b^2=c^2, 9^2+12^2= c^2 ⇒ 81+144=c^2⇒ 225=c^2⇒c=15\)

8- A
The percent of girls playing tennis is: \(40\%×25\% =0.40×0.25=0.10=10\%\)

9- A
The area of the circle is less than \(12 π\). Use the formula of areas of circles. Area \(=πr^2 ⇒ \)
\(36 π> πr^2⇒ 36>r^2⇒ r<6\). The radius of the circle is less than 6. Let’s put 6 for the radius. Now, use the circumference formula: Circumference \(=2πr=2π (6)=12 π\)
Since the radius of the circle is less than \(6\). Then, the circumference of the circle must be less than \(12 π\). Only choice A is less than \(12 π\).

10- C
\(\begin{cases}x+4y=10 \\ 5x+10y=10\end{cases}\rightarrow\) Multiply the top equation by \(-5\) then,
\(\begin{cases}-5x-20y=-50 \\ 5x+10y=10\end{cases}\rightarrow\) Add two equations
\(-10y=-40→y=4\) , plug in the value of \(y\) into the first equation
Subtract 16 from both sides of the equation. Then: \(x+16=10→x=-6\)

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