Overview of the HSPT Mathematics Test

Overview of the HSPT Mathematics Test

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is a test administered by the Scholastic Test Services as an entrance test. This test is designed for grade-level students looking to enter Catholic high schools and is the first battery test to be explicitly designed to help accommodate incoming high school students.

This test consists of five different parts of a multiple-choice test:

  • Language (60 questions)
  • Mathematics (64 questions)
  • Quantitative Skills (52 questions)
  • Reading (62 questions)
  • Verbal Skills (60 questions)

In the HSPT test, mathematics and quantitative skills are different sections.

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How is the structure of the HSPT Mathematics Test?

The student will have a total of 45 minutes to answer the 64 multiple choice questions in the HSPT Math Skills Test section. The mathematics test focus on: 

  • arithmetic 
  • problem-solving
  • algebra 
  • geometry 

Which includes subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, evens and odds, prime numbers, a square of a number, percent, exponents, roots, and averages. The goal is to measure how well you can use math concepts by solving problems and performing arithmetic operations. Understanding the basic concepts is essential.

Most arithmetic questions require you to complete more than one step and test a range of skills. Think about the tricks and shortcuts you have learned over the years, such as the “order of operations”. The following is a breakdown of this part of the test: Conceptual, Procedural, and Applications.

Conceptual (14 items):

This section tests your knowledge of some of the concepts by asking related questions about the following: numbers, measurements, geometry, algebra, and statistics/probability.

Procedural (28 items):

This section test measures your ability to perform in the following areas: measurements, numbers, algebra, geometry, and stats/probability.

Applications (22 items):

How much do you use mathematical concepts in the following areas: numbers, measurements, geometry, algebra, and statistics /probability.

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How is the structure of the Quantitative Skills section of the HSPT test?

The student will have a total of 30 minutes to answer the 52 multiple choice questions in the Quantitative Skills section of the HSPT test. This section focuses on your skills in mathematics including geometric comparison, non-geometric comparison, number series, and number manipulation, science, and other areas that deal with numbers. The following is a breakdown of this part of the test:

Sequence (22 items):

When solving sequence problems, focus on identifying a pattern. You are given a set of numbers and asked to choose one that logically fits with a sequence or pattern

Remember, numbers can contain both negative and positive numbers, so focus fully on understanding the question.

Reasoning (13 items):

This section includes a collection of skills you have learned to solve the problem over time. It can be complex and involve several steps. Take the time to understand and evaluate each issue before choosing the right answer.

Geometric Comparison (8 items):

You will use your geometry skills to find the best answer in comparing shaded areas and geometric shapes. Pay attention to each multi-choice answer as it will involve using a multi-step solution to provide the best answer.

Non-Geometric Comparison (9 items):

This part of the test involves using your math skills to compare and solve multi-step equations that do not include geometry. Both equations and answers involve solving complex problems, so be sure to take the time to understand the requirements.

Is the HSPT Mathematics test hard?

The HSPT test is one of the simplest tests. However, it can be very challenging if you are not prepared enough for the HSPT test.

Can you use the calculator on the HSPT Mathematics test?

You are not allowed to use the calculator on the HSPT mathematics test.

How is the HSPT test scored?

The student receives one point for each correct answer and no penalty is considered for omitted or incorrect answers. This raw score is converted to a scaled score of 200-800.

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