A Comprehensive Collection of Free HSPT Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free HSPT Math Practice Tests

The High School Placement Test (HSPT( is one of the most common entrance exams that 8th graders who want to go into private high schools mainly take it. The exam measures test-takers skills in five categories including Verbal, Quantitative, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Language Skills.

It is designed to evaluate both basic and cognitive skills. There are nearly 300 questions and you are given only 150 minutes to complete the exam. All of the questions are in multiple-choice format and each one includes either 3 or 4 answer choices.

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The Mathematics section of the HSPT has 64 questions that focus on basic geometry, arithmetic, and algebra. It takes half of the test time to solve them. In other words, you have a short amount of time to answer a lot of questions. Keep in mind that calculators are not permitted to be used on the HSPT exam.

There are no penalties for incorrect answers, so try your best to answer all questions. The range of the score is from 200 to 800 and you need to score at least 600 to pass. You can only take the HSPT once. However, if you want to take the test more than once, your lower score will be reported.

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How to Prepare for the HSPT Math Test?

Choose the Best Source of Study: While preparing for the HSPT, it is important to find the most reliable, comprehensive, and high-quality source. Whatever you need is to have access to plenty of practice tests and sample questions that are similar to those you will experience on the actual exam. A good source should be easy to follow so that students of every level understand its materials.

Manage the Time: The HSPT is known for answering plenty of questions in a very limited time and this makes the exam so challenging. Therefore, the speed of problem-solving is very critical for this exam.

By practicing over and over and mastering all the mathematical concepts, you can solve the questions more quickly. If there are some difficult questions that you cannot remember the solution to, it is better to skip them and not spend lots of time on them.

Memorize the Formulas: As the test does not provide you with the formula sheets, you have to memorize all the formulas that are required for the test.

By practicing and solving plenty of questions, the formulas will stick to your mind and you can recall them during test time.

Boost Confidence: You may have different challenges during your preparation for the exam but you have to eliminate or reduce them as much as possible. Whatever you need on the exam day is to be calm and confident to take the exam successfully.

Having stress will destroy your concentration and waste your time. It is suggested to study well and be well prepared to ace the exam.

8 Best Websites for HSPT Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath.Com

Looking for and finding an ideal source to help you master mathematical concepts is always troublesome. But the Effortless Math website is the one that is filled with helpful, comprehensive books that each of them can make the way of learning easier.

It also contains free HSPT math practice tests that give you the chance of getting acquainted with the test form and content. Besides that, this website provides great video tutorials to help you work on the difficult section.  

  • Varsitytutors.com

It is one of the successful websites that cover all the subjects of HSPT including math. There are several free math practice tests so that you can deepen your math knowledge. Its exam description is full of great information about different aspects of the test and gives you some tips to take the exam confidently.

It provides a condition to have access to experienced tutors that facilitate the way of learning.  So, this website is worth using.

  • Test-guide

It facilitates your access to free HSPT math practice tests that assist you to get familiar with the exam platform and content. You will learn time management with the help of these exams. Another helpful section of this website is the content description which provides you with to-the-point information.

Its guidance aims to develop your performance and teach you the way to cope with the challenging parts of the exams.

  • Mometrix.com

By using this website, you will master the math section of the HSPT. You will find plenty of free math practice tests that indicate the exam style and question type. It offers flashcards so that you can memorize the formulas and difficult topics.

Besides that, you can use the benefit of its exam description to know every detail of the exam. There are also online courses so that you can work on difficult math sections.

  • Study.com

Whatever you have to know about the HSPT is found on this website. There is valuable information about the exam score, costs, subjects, and the number of questions. With the help of this section, you will not be surprised or confused on the test day.

It contains lots of free math practice tests so you understand the type and format of the exam questions. In addition, these tests lead to learning the most important feature of the test, time management.

  • Smarteditionmedia.com

This website covers not only the math section of the HSPT but also all of its subjects. You will find plenty of math practice tests that indicate the content and style of the actual exam. With the help of these free tests, you can learn time management which has an important role in passing the exam with a high score. Some useful articles are filled with helpful guidance about different aspects of the exam.

  • Testpreppractice.net

This reliable website gives you the chance of taking free sample practice tests. All of these math tests have the same form and style as the real HSPT exam. You can use the benefit of this exam to master all subjects of the exam.

The exam description provides you with practical information to perform better during the test time. There are several test preps so you can master every mathematical concept that you must know.

  • Testpreppractice.net

On this website, you can find plenty of free math practice tests to strengthen your mathematical knowledge. Taking these tests develops your preparation, so, it is suggested to take high-quality exams as much as you can.

This website also offers some professional tutors that help you master the topics and take the exam with less anxiety. Besides that, having access to its study guide familiarizes you with the important details of the test.

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 1

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 2

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 3

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 4

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 5

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 6

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 7

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 8

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 9

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 10

Free HSPT Math Practice Tests 11

10 Best HSPT Math Books

  1. With the help of HSPT Math for Beginners, you can be well-prepared to solve even challenging questions. Its guidance is full of helpful strategies to develop your performance. The review and examples of each topic play effective roles in teaching the materials step by step. If you complete all chapters, you can take the book’s practice tests that measure your knowledge and progress. They also avoid making the same mistakes on the real exam.
  2. Studying the HSPT Math Exercise Book helps you to have access to valuable tips and strategies that enhance your test-taking skills. This exercise book contains numerous questions that complete coverage of mathematical concepts you have to know to pass the exam. All of the questions have detailed answers so you know the challenging and comfortable spots. Take the book’s full-length math practice tests if you want to get acquainted with the type of questions. 
  3. The HSPT Math Study Guide provides you with precious test-taking strategies that boost your performance on the exam. One benefit of the book is that you are given brief yet thorough hints and some questions so that you learn the formulas and how to use them. Then, with the help of the sample questions, you apply whatever you have learned. 2 realistic HSPT math practice tests that are similar to the actual exam are available to familiarize you with the exam style.
  4. The HSPT Math Practice Workbook provides you with countless exercise questions. This book covers those mathematical topics that you must learn to pass the HSPT. With the help of its answer keys, you will understand the correct and incorrect answers. In addition, you can take advantage of 2 full-length HSPT math practice tests that reflect the form and type of questions that you will face on the actual exam. That way, you will reach the level of the HSPT.
  5. Being well prepared quickly is possible with the HSPT Math in 10 Days. The materials are packed in different chapters that contain helpful reviews and examples. After studying these parts, you can solve the sample questions and then check out your answers. The role of these sections is to develop your knowledge to answer the book’s full-length practice tests. That way, you will understand whether you are ready to take the exam or have to practice more.
  6. Take advantage of the HSPT Math Test Prep to master all the essential math topics. First, you can study the comprehensive reviews and examples that show the solutions. Then, you can test out your knowledge by solving the sample questions. There are 2 full-length math practice tests that you have to do after learning the concepts. These practice tests reveal your progress and math knowledge. Additionally, they enhance your test-taking skills and time management which are two important factors in passing the exam.
  7. The Comprehensive HSPT Math Practice Book offers hundreds of questions so that you can practice every topic individually and master them. This book covers all the math topics that are required for the HSPT. It contains an answer key so if you miss a question, you will easily find the reason. 2 full-length HSPT practice tests are another great feature of the book. By taking these tests, your readiness and math knowledge is revealed.
  8. Studying the 5 Full-Length HSPT Math Practice Tests is highly recommended if you want to know your strong and weak spots. Because these tests represent the type of questions that you will encounter on the test day. So, what is better than getting familiar with the exam style before going through its questions? The main goal of this book is to boost your confidence so that you ace the test. That is why it is worth studying.
  9. Choosing the HSPT Math Tutor as a source of study is full of advantages. First, you can study its tips and test taking-strategies that help you study more effectively. Second, there are comprehensive reviews and examples for each of the concepts. Third, you have this chance to do plenty of sample questions and apply whatever you have studied. Finally, with the help of 2 full-length practice tests, you can measure your performance.
  10. The last book that is worth introducing is the HSPT Math Prep. It contains the essential materials that you must learn to get a perfect score on the math section of the HSPT. There is a thorough review of each topic along with several examples. So, you learn the concepts completely and then you can apply them to the sample questions. The final section of the book is its practice tests to evaluate your preparation and progress.

You are given plenty of valuable books which help you learn math step by step and walk through the exam with confidence.

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