Top 10 Tips to Create the HSPT Math Study Plan

Top 10 Tips to Create the HSPT Math Study Plan

The High School Placement Test – or HSPT – is a test administered to 8th graders applying to some Catholic high schools. The HSPT helps determine admissions decisions, class substitutions, and scholarship awards. The test includes five sections:

  • Verbal skills
  • Quantitative skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Language

To function well in HSPT math, you must have an HSPT study plan. This plan tells you what, when, and how to prepare for the HSPT math. It also helps you manage your time so you don’t have to focus too much on specific HSPT math topics. Here are some important tips for creating an HSPT math study program. So join us!

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1- Know what to study 

The first and important step in creating a study plan is to make a list of all the math topics you need to study to pass the HSPT math test. Keep your commitments and tasks on paper. This will help you develop ideas about what you need to do.

2- Collect study materials

Before you start preparing for HSPT math, it is important to gather all of your study material. That way, you do not waste study time to find resources you can use.

3- Evaluate your current plan and time management

Use a digital or paper calendar to block all your commitments, including classes, tasks, and extracurricular activities. It will allow you to see how much time you have already talked about and what time you have available to study.

If your schedule leaves little room for study, you may need to evaluate what you can reduce or how you can evaluate your schedule to rearrange your time to open study time.

4- Practice, practice, practice

Although it may be tiresome to do a practice test, doing so is a wonderful way to prepare for HSPT math. Completing practice exams can help you in many ways. You can know your math weakness and strengthens. And manage your time to answer math questions.

5- Join a study group

Meet other students who want to take the HSPT exam. Joining a study group can be a way to motivate yourself to review everything and maintain a consistent study schedule.

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6- Study regularly 

If there are topics in HSPT math that you are not comfortable with, you should take the time to read them. Although it is important to spend your time in HSPT mathematics on your weaknesses, do not overlook your strengths.

7- Schedule for your other activities

As you make time for any math topic, make sure you make time for your family, friends, and rest. If you cannot balance your personal and academic life, you will never succeed in education.

8- Designate a study space

Try to create a space that fosters effective reading habits. It may include moving the desk to a quieter room, or placing a library with hours that fit your schedule. Your ultimate goal should be to find a space that allows you to learn effectively and maximize your preparation time.

9- Take care of yourself

Taking care of your health while preparing for the HSPT math is very important, and you should pay attention to it. You can spend many hours studying and preparing, but you should exercise, eat well, and drink plenty of water. These steps will help you focus when preparing for HSPT math.

10- Commit yourself to your HSPT study plan

While you may have a very attractive plan for passing the HSPT math test, note that the design of the program does not guarantee its implementation. To get the right result from your planning, you must take some time and try to force yourself to execute the design plan. After a while, this plan will become part of your regular schedule.

Finally, keep in mind that while a study plan can help you pass the HSPT math test, it does not work alone, and the final success of the HSPT test depends on your willpower.

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