How Is the SHSAT Test Scored?

How Is the SHSAT Test Scored?

If you are preparing for the SHSAT test, you need to know the SHSAT test scoring system. Join us to find your answer!

The Specialized High Schools Admission Test or SHSAT is an admission test conducted by the New York City Department of Education for students seeking admission to a specialized New York City high school. It is available to 8th graders in New York City. Grade 9 students can also choose to take version 9 of the SHSAT. The SHSAT is a multiple-choice, and test consisting of two sections: math and English Language Arts. You have 3 hours to answer SHSAT.

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This test alone does not have a passing score on admission. However, each year, each school determines a qualifying score or cut-off score based on the availability of seats and the SHSAT scores of the applicants who have selected them.

Schools sort out the grades and rank them from highest to lowest. Each year, a school will have a certain number of vacancies for freshmen seats. These seats are filled, starting with the highest rank of the applicant until all available seats are filled. In this sense, the score of the applicant who gets the last seat is known as the cut-off score.

The minimum score required for admission can depend on which specialized school you hope to attend. Because some specialized high schools are very aspiring and fill up first, a higher grade requires to enter these schools.

SHSAT score system

The most important note to know about SHSAT scoring is that there are no penalties for incorrect answers. Your score is based on the number of correct answers. Therefore, a question blank only hurts your chances, because wrong answers will not count against you. It means that if you want to run out of your time, you have to answer the remaining questions, even if you have to make a random guess.

Your raw score calculates for each section by adding up the number of answers correctly. This raw score is converted into a scaled score to account for different levels of difficulty that occur between versions of the test. Then scaled scores of both sections are added to get the composite score. The composite score is the final score you get on the SHSAT test. Specialized high schools only consider a composite grade for admission.

The highest possible score for each section is 400, and it makes the highest possible score SHSAT 800. However, the highest score may differ from year to year.

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