What Does SHSAT Stand for?

What Does SHSAT Stand for?

 If you live in New York City, you must have heard of the SHSAT test. But what does SHSAT stand for? We have answered this question here, so join us.

The SHSAT stands for Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, a test that 8th graders in New York City take for admission to Specialized High Schools. Grade 9 students can also choose to take the 9th-grade SHSAT version for the very limited number of seats that may be available at Specialized High Schools. For eight out of nine of these schools, your performance at SHSAT is the only admission factor, and only Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School does not require the SHSAT.

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The SHSAT hold every year in October and November. There are two sections to the SHSAT:

  • English Language Arts (57 multiple choice questions)
  • Mathematics (5 grid-in questions and 57 multiple choice questions)

There are also 10 random questions called field questions, and they are not counted in the score. From start to finish, the test takes three hours. It is recommended to divide 90 minutes for each section, but the time can be divided in any way the students want. There is no space between sections.

The students will be notified of their results next March. Students are not penalized for incorrect answers. The overall score is determined by the correct answers, which is known as the raw score. This score is converted using a scaling system between 200 and 800. It is based on the average raw scores of other students.

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