What Is the Highest Score for SHSAT Test?

What Is the Highest Score for SHSAT Test?

If you are preparing for the SHSAT test, you need to know what the highest SHSAT test score is. You will find your answer in this article. So join us!

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The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) serves as an entrance test for students living in New York City who wish to attend one of the eight specialized high schools in the area. SHSAT is a timed test, pencil, and paper, and has two sections: English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Students have 3 hours to complete the test. There are 4 multiple choices in each question.

The test consists of 114 questions:

  • 57 questions in the English Language Arts ELA section 
  • 57 questions in the math section

In each section (ELA and Math) 47 questions are scored, with each question worth 1 raw point, and the remaining 10 items in each section are field test items that are not used to determine a student’s score. No points are taken for wrong answers.

You will get a raw score for each part of SHSAT. The raw score indicates the number of questions you have received correctly in each section. Then the raw score for each part of the test is converted to a scaled score. The composite score is then entered from both sections. The highest score possible for each section is 400, and the highest composite score is 800. Note, the highest score may vary from year to year.

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