Overview of the SHSAT Mathematics Test

Overview of the SHSAT Mathematics Test

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a test that eighth and ninth graders in New York City take each year to gain admission to one of the city’s elite specialized high schools. The SHSAT is a pencil-and-paper, timed test with two 57-question sections: Math and English Language Arts (ELA). Students have 180 minutes (3 hours) to complete the SHSAT test.

Here we talk about SHSAT mathematics. So join us!

What kind of Math is on the 8th grade SHSAT?

The SHSAT has a very long and comprehensive math section to test students on math knowledge up to that year, with some advanced concepts you may not be familiar with yet.

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The math part of the exam has 57 questions. 5 of them are grid-in questions while 52 of them are multiple-choice. The recommended time is 90 minutes or about half of the exam, but it still depends on how long you want to take. If you are good at math, it gives you more time to review your answers and return to the verbal section if necessary.

The math topic includes:

  • Proportions
  • Volume
  • Scale 
  • Geometry (angles)
  • Logic 
  • Consecutive integers
  • Solve for the variable 
  • Unit conversion
  • Mean with variable 
  • Multi-step story problems 
  • Percentages
  • Ratios
  • Inequality 
  • Probability 
  • Translate and solve
  • Constant rate  
  • Adding mixed numbers 
  • Factors 
  • bar graphs 
  • Algebra 
  • Numerical expressions

In the math section, note that graphs are not necessarily plotted on a scale, and fractions should be reduced to the lowest terms possible.

What kind of Math is on the 9th grade SHSAT?

Students should expect that most of the questions out of a total of 57 math in the test are similar to the eighth-grade test (about 40-47) and about 10-17 questions from the following topics.

  • Advanced Algebra
  • Word problems
  • Graphing functions
  • Slopes of linear functions
  • Transformation
  • 3-D geometry
  • Basic trigonometry

Is the SHSAT math test hard?

The new SHSAT is difficult only for students who are not ready.

Do you get a formula sheet in the SHSAT math?

The SHSAT does not provide a formula or reference material for use during the test. You need to know the formulas and be familiar with technical math terms.

Can you use a calculator on the SHSAT math?

You are not allowed to use a calculator on the SHSAT math.

How is the SHSAT math scored?

The highest score possible for the math section is 400.

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