Top 10 Free Websites for SHSAT Math Preparation

Top 10 Free Websites for SHSAT Math Preparation

The Specialized High School Admissions Test, or SHSAT, is a standardized test administered by the New York City Department of Education. SHSAT is the admission criterion for specialized high schools in New York City. It is available for 8th graders in New York City. Ninth graders may also choose to use the ninth-grade version of SHSAT.

The SHSAT assesses Math and English Comprehension (Verbal) knowledge and skills. There are 5 gridded-response and 52 multiple-choice questions in the Math section of the SHSAT test. It covers quantitative problem-solving, basic mathematics topics, and algebraic questions. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top ten free websites for SHSAT testing if you do not have enough time to attend SHSAT classes or the cost of attending online classes is high for you, to be able to pass this test.

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1: EffortlessMath

EffortlessMath website provides a collection of SHSAT test exercises, worksheets, formulas, practice tests, and SHSAT math test strategies to users and students preparing for the SHSAT test. Access to all of these SHSAT test resources is free and easy. With this website, pass the SHSAT test easily and effortlessly.


CADDELLPREP website haa full, free SHSAT practice test for you to take. Like the real test, you can answer the questions in each part in any order. You must be a member to take the practice test. The free membership gives you access to tests and assessments, and a Test Prep + membership will give you access to other practice tests and all lessons.

3: suggests a wide variety of study resources to get you up to speed with what to expect on the day of the SHSAT exam. Among the resources, there are full-length practice tests that you can use to gain experience in taking the SHSAT test and test content.


On the onlinemath4all website, you can practice the SHSAT test online and for free.

5: has the official and original SHSAT practice tests. This website is free and no registration is necessary!

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6: AdmissionSquad

To assist you in preparation, AdmissionSquad would like to share 12 practice tests, available in the Specialized High School student handbooks that are superb (and free!) resources for preparation.


TEST-GUIDE provides you free SHSAT practice tests with a chance to assess how well you’ve prepared for the particular SHSAT test, then to consider the areas you need work on.


 The provides free unofficial review materials for the SHSAT exam. The actual exam may differ from their materials.


If you need some free practice to get started with SHSAT, take KAPLAN quizzes to help in your English and math skills.


On the SHSAT SCHOOL, you can take a free SHSAT practice test, view your results, and personal preparation plan. 

Looking for the best resources to help you or your student succeed on the SHSAT test?

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