Top 5 PERT Math Study Guides

Top 5 PERT Math Study Guides

If you’ve been looking for the best PERT book on the internet, you’ve come to the perfect place. The PERT is widely accepted as a preparation exam in most Florida colleges, school districts, and some state universities.

PERT is similar to the SAT in that it determines how well a student is prepared for college. As a result, achieving a good grade on the exam is crucial for the future. The finest pert study guide is necessary if you want to get a good score on PERT. We’ll go through the PERT study guides that are necessary for math for students who look forward to taking their academic career to the next level:

1- PERT Math in 10 Days

It’s no surprise that “Pert Math in 10 Days” has become a popular standardized test prep guide, and the book is at the top of our list. This book is a good alternative for many students; it is a no-brainer. This comprehensive study guide continuously has a significant impact on the lives of many people in the field. The positive impact generated results in a large influx of students to the college. Here are some of the reasons why this is the best study guide for the PERT Math Test:

  • The content is 100 percent aligned with the PERT test 2021.
  • A renowned PERT Math instructor penned this book.
  • Abridged version- study only what is required
  • A simplified guide for all PERT Math topics.
  • A plethora of math skill-building assignments to aid in testing – takers tackle new forms of questions.
  • Two full-length practice tests with comprehensive answers (including new question types)


  • Easy to follow
  • Perfect for quick review
  • Reasonable price
  • Great Layout
  • 2 full-length practice
  • Skill-building exercises
  • Detailed answers

Check price on amazon


  • Doesn’t cover all PERT subjects (it’s a PERT Math prep book)

2- PERT Math for Beginners

Passing any test demands many studies. One approach to achieving your goals is to spend hours each day poring over books. Not only that, there are other resources available, such as the PERT Math for Beginners, which is updated for the 2021 test and is a terrific tool for assisting students in getting excellent results. With this PERT Math Study Guide, you’ll get a thorough book geared towards your specific needs.

  • Provides content 100% aligned with the 2021 PERT test
  • It’s written by PERT Math tutors and test experts
  • Offers complete coverage of all PERT Math concepts and topics on the 2021 PERT test
  • Includes a step-by-step guide for all PERT Math topics
  • Contains over 500 additional PERT math practice questions in both multiple-choice and grid-in formats with answers grouped by topic
  • Includes abundant Math skills-building exercises to help test-takers approach unfamiliar question types
  • Has 2 full-length practice tests (featuring new question types) with detailed answers


  • Best choice for beginners
  • Experts tips and strategies
  • Updated content
  • Affordable price
  • Great presentation
  • 2 full-length practice
  • Remarkable Explanations
  • over 500 additional math practice questions

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  • Doesn’t cover all PERT subjects (it’s a PERT Math prep book)

3- PERT Exam Study Guide 2020 and 2021

PERT Exam Study Guide 2020 and 2021 – PERT Test Prep Secrets from Mometrix Test Preparation is the best way to prepare for the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. The exam is exceedingly difficult, and significant test preparation is required to succeed. The Mometrix guide includes all of the critical information you’ll need to ace the PERT exam, including the concepts, methodologies, principles, and language that the Florida College System expects you to know before taking the test.

  • Includes practice test questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Provides step-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts
  • Provides tips and strategies to help you get your best test performance
  • Includes a complete review of all PERT test sections


  • Concept clarity
  • Excellent structuring
  • Reputed brand
  • Step-by-Step video tutorials
  • Perfect coverage of all sections
  • Proven strategies included
  • Detailed answer explanations

Check price on amazon


  • Compared to many books, it is more expensive
  • The video does not come with the book you have

4- Miller Test Prep’s study guide

The Miller PERT study guide is necessary for students who want to maximize their scores while shortening their study time. Our study guides are painstakingly prepared to give only the information you need clearly and concisely. When it comes to creating a study guide, the industry standard is to “throw in the kitchen sink,” which means facing hundreds of pages of repeated content, redundant and confusing examples, and more practice questions than anyone could work through. As a result, students are overwhelmed: resulting in a loss of self-confidence, which leads to lower grades!

  • Provides a comprehensive review of all PERT exam sections
  • Contains step-by-step examples for every concept tested
  • Provides practice test questions like the real exam
  • Includes detailed, thorough answer key explanations


  • High-value addition book
  • Concept clarity
  • Comprehensive book
  • Customized and tailored content
  • Excellent study tool and guide all together
  • Affordable price range

Check price on amazon


  • It is better to focus more on the math section

5- Test Prep Book’s PERT Test Study Guide: Test Prep Book & Practice Test Questions

Each of the PERT practice exam questions in this book is accompanied by extensive answer explanations. If you miss a question, you must understand what went wrong and ways to prevent making the same error in the future. The explanations to the answers will assist you in learning from your mistakes and overcoming them. Understanding the most up-to-date test-taking tactics is critical to anticipating what to expect in the exam.

  • Accurate answers and complete explanations of questions to better understand the concepts and find your weaknesses
  • Includes Test-Taking Strategies for the correct use of the time provided for the test
  • Many practice questions similar to the PERT test
  • A comprehensive review of each section to get acquainted with the contents of the exam
  • Full coverage of topics in the PERT exam


  • Includes comprehensive review
  • Well-organized content
  • Includes test-taking strategies
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Decent explanation
  • Includes well-described answers

Check price on amazon


  • It is better to include more practice questions in the book

PERT Math Study Guides Comparison Table (2021)

RankTitlePublisher# of PagesPractice testOnline materialPrice
#1PERT Math in 10 DaysEffortless Math Education207 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$15.99
#2PERT Math for BeginnersEffortless Math Education189 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$14.99
#3PERT Exam Study Guide 2020 and 2021Mometrix Media LLC150 pagesYesYes$43.99
#4Miller Test Prep’s study guide Miller Test Prep143 pagesYesNo$17.99
#5Test Prep Book’s PERT Test Study Guide Test Prep Books201 pagesYesNo$21.99

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