How Is the PERT Test Scored?

The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test or PERT is Florida’s custom placement test. The PERT’s purpose is to determine course placement based on the student’s abilities and skills. This test assesses readiness for college-level coursework in mathematics and English.

The PERT test has 3 subtests:

There are 30 questions in each field. There are five questions in each section that are experimental and do not count in your score, but you do not know which questions are experimental. The test is untimed but the average time to perform all three sections in one session is nearly 3 hours.

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PERT system scoring

You will receive a scaled score for three PERT subtests. The lowest score you can get on the PERT subtest is 50, while the highest score is 150. You do not pass or fail the PERT test. The scores obtained in each of the three subtests are used to determine your skill level in each of these areas and to place you in appropriate classes.

Scores needed for college-level classes

Individuals interested in pursuing a post-secondary education must obtain appropriate scores on the PERT exams to indicate that they are ready for college-level classes. High school students that do not get high enough grades take developmental education classes in their senior year. Colleges also offer remedial courses for those who do not have the skills to start college-level classes.

Mathematics scores:

People that score 114-122 can enroll in Intermediate Algebra, a college-level math class. Scores of 123 or more increase the number of math courses a student is eligible for. Students who score below 114 must take remedial courses or developmental education.

Reading scores:

People who do not score 106 or higher on the reading subtest may also need to take a remedial reading course or developmental education.

Writing scores:

All students who intend to take Freshman Composition Skills must obtain a score of 103 or higher on the writing test in addition to the minimum accepted score on the reading test.

Placement test results chart

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