Is the PERT Test Hard?

Is the PERT Test Hard?

The PERT or Postsecondary Education Readiness Test is used in Florida colleges and universities to assess students’ math and English levels. It is an important test because it shows your readiness for university-level courses and allows you to bypass remedial courses if you get a good grade.

Incoming students who do well in PERT can take regular math and English classes right away, while those who do not will have to start with basic or remedial classes.

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The PERT test consist of three sections:

The sections have no time limit, but there are usually 30 questions that take 45 minutes. All questions are multiple-choice. There are five questions in each section that are experimental, and it does not count in the score, but test-takers do not know which questions are experimental. Scores in each section range from 50 to 150 and a score of more than 100 is required to be able to skip low-level classes.

The PERT test can be difficult because it is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). It means that if you answer the question correctly, the next question will be more difficult, and if you answer the question incorrectly, the next question will be easier. This method selects only the right questions for your ability level. It is not possible to correct previous questions. Math is generally considered to be the hardest section of the PERT test.

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