A Comprehensive Collection of Free PERT Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free PERT Math Practice Tests

Florida Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is a computer-adaptive exam that means the difficulty of the questions depends on the answers test-takers give.

It contains 25 multiple-choice questions and an additional 5 field test questions in each part.

The Florida College System uses the PERT scores as a uniform standard of qualification and determines your readiness for college-level math coursework.

The mathematical concepts of the PERT exam cover primary skills from Algebra and Geometry.

There is no time limit for the PERT Math test but it takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete it.

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the PERT Mathematics Test

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Test-takers cannot fail the PERT because this exam aims to make accurate course placement based on their abilities and skills. In other words, test scores determine whether you are ready for college-level coursework.

Individuals are allowed to only take the PERT three times at the college level within two years but they have to refresh before each attempt.

Keep in mind that PERT scores are valid for two years. Besides that, you cannot bring your calculators. Instead, you will have access to an on-screen calculator provided on your computer.

How to Prepare for the PERT Math Test?

Study Plan: The best study plan is based on the amount of time you want to spend. Some topics require further study while others are easy to understand. You should decide how to learn the materials as there are several ways such as self-study, online courses, tutorials, video lessons, and many more items. Your study plan must be productive and interesting to help you gain the best result.

Know the PERT Math Formulas: The PERT Math Test provides some formulas for some math questions. The only thing that you need is to apply them correctly and this is possible just by practicing. So, instead of memorizing the formulas, you have to focus on solving lots of questions to master them.

Take the PERT Math test: You should take the simulated tests when you are ready and approach the test days. It is the most effective way to get acquainted with the test style and platform.

Taking plenty of math practice tests avoids getting anxious about unfamiliar questions. In addition, the more you solve the practice tests, the fewer common mistakes you will make.

Know How to Use the Calculators: As mentioned formerly, you cannot use your calculators during test time. But you have to know how to use the on-screen calculators because you need them to solve some of the questions. In other words, being prepared for the exam requires high-quality information.

8 Best Websites for PERT Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath

If you want to have access to plenty of practice tests that are simulated the real exam, the Effortless Math website is an excellent choice. It provides different math books that cover the PERT materials.

Some of them contain helpful reviews while some of them are filled with math exercises. Choosing each one of them depends on your need.

You can also use its video lessons and explanations about several important topics. By studying its exam description, you will gain great information about the PERT which you need to know the test completely.

  • Mometrix

What is better than a reliable, efficient website that contains free math PERT practice tests? That is why many students use Mometrix. But this is not the last reason! It provides you with a comprehensive study guide that has all information you need about the exam.

Moreover, there are plenty of flashcards that are used to memorize important yet difficult topics, formulas, and some forgettable materials. If you need tutors, the website is always ready to help you find the best one.

  • Pertpracticetest

On this website, there are plenty of free practice tests that cover not only math but also all the sections of the exam. These tests are helpful to know the style and form of the questions that you will encounter on the actual Pert.

Additionally, it dedicates a section to the study guide so that it gives you detailed information about the test because it is important to take the exam with cognition. Therefore, use this website to reach the score you want.

  • Uniontestprep

You can find free math practice tests that have an effective role in understanding the form and content of the PERT math questions. Some flashcards cover a wide range of important topics which you must know to take the exam.

It offers online classrooms and lessons for those who need a helper to learn the materials. It is recommended to read the study guide before starting to practice because it gives you an overview of the PERT and how to gain a higher score.

  • Mathhelp

It is another great website that provides lots of free math practice tests that you need to take the exam with preparation and confidence. As these practice tests have an important role in getting acquainted with the exam style and content, you have to take them as much as you can.

Another helpful section of this website is its study guide which gives you the most comprehensive information about every detail of the PERT. That way, nothing is left unfamiliar and makes you surprised during the test time.

  • Prepterminal

With the help of this website, you will have access to lots of math quizzes that are essential to master all topics. Taking these practices and quizzes affects your performance on the actual exam. It helps you with a detailed study guide to know the test thoroughly and take the exam confidently.

Therefore, first, study this part and then start practicing and answering the questions. All these features are helpful to get the best result on the exam.

  • Study

It is one of the most comprehensive websites that offers free math practice tests and they are categorized topic by topic. That way, you will learn each topic completely before going to the next one. It contains video lessons and lesson transcripts to teach you important math concepts.

In addition, there are some flashcards to be used for memorizing challenging materials.  There are also several practice questions to help you master the topics. 

  • Test-guide

Whatever you need to know about the PERT is packed on this website. It tries to answer the most common questions that students may ask. This is the best place to find free math practice tests and get familiar with the exam.

Besides that, it offers several practice quizzes which are good to learn the materials. Its study guide is another helpful section that provides essential information that you must know to pass the PERT with a higher score. 

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the PERT Mathematics Test

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Free PERT Math Practice Tests

10 Best PERT Math Books

  1. The PERT Math for Beginners is exactly what students need to start studying for the exam. First of all, it is better to study the tips and strategies if you want to study effectively and enhance your test-taking skills. The book devotes a section to review the topics and another one to offer some examples. There are also sample questions so that you can test out your knowledge. It has 2 math practice tests that are great to know the exam style.
  2. The PERT Math Full Study Guide contains an easy-to-understand review to explain each topic. This part is followed by some examples that teach you how to solve the related questions. Then, it gives you some sample questions to apply the formulas you have learned recently. The book offers two PERT math practice tests that simulate the actual exam. Taking them can familiarize you with the question type and content. Moreover, this section is helpful to reduce test anxiety which is an obstacle to taking the exam successfully.
  3. There is a great test description at the beginning of the PERT Math Exercise Book which provides you with essential information about the PERT. With the help of this part, you learn the best strategies to overcome challenging questions. This book is filled with countless exercises that cover all the mathematical concepts you must learn. By solving them, you gain confidence to take the book’s practice tests. Therefore, this comprehensive package helps you practice adequately and prepare for any type of question.
  4. The 5 PERT Math Practice Tests is the best book to get access to realistic practice tests. It has an important role in familiarizing you with the test content and style. Besides that, taking these practice tests may avoid making a mistake twice. As you experience this kind of exam, your anxiety may reduce. So, try to take them and boost your confidence to get a better result on the actual exam.
  5. Choosing the Ace the PERT Math in 30 Days is proper for anyone who wants to prepare for the exam within a few weeks remaining to the test date. It can make you proficient in mathematical concepts through a review and examples for each topic. After that, you are offered some sample questions to solve and test out your knowledge. If you want to know whether you are ready for the actual PERT exam, take the book’s full-length math practice tests.
  6. The PERT Math Study Guide is full of great strategies that be used to enhance test-taking skills. It explains the mathematical materials through a short yet comprehensive review. There are several examples to help you know the concept and formulas. The next part of the book is the sample questions to apply whatever you have learned. After completing these sections, you can take 2 full-length PERT math practice tests that contain answer explanations for each question.
  7. Study PERT Math Practice Workbook can make you proficient in mathematical concepts which you have to know to pass the PERT. It consists of perfect test-taking strategies to have the best reaction toward different types of questions. There are plenty of questions for each topic that has answer keys. Answering all of these questions is effective to take full-length practice tests successfully. By doing each of the sections of the book, you will become nearer to getting a high score on the exam.
  8. The PERT Math in 10 Days begins with test-taking strategies and guidance to develop the quality of your studying. In this book, first, you learn the mathematical concepts through reviews and then you practice whatever you have learned through some sample questions. Taking both of the practice tests is highly recommended to take the exam more confidently.  
  9. Studying all the pages of the PERT Math Test Prep may be helpful to know the exam completely. One of the benefits of the book is its guidance to develop your test-taking skills. With the help of its reviews and examples for each topic, you learn the materials. Then by solving several questions, you are well prepared to take math practice tests and get familiar with the test style and content.
  10. The PERT Math Tutor aims to teach you all the PERT mathematical concepts you have to know. It helps you with a detailed review and several examples to learn each concept. Studying the way of solving and then practicing will be effective to master the materials. It is suggested not to miss the book’s practice tests as they are mirrors to show you the content and form of questions.

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the PERT Mathematics Test

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Original price was: $25.99.Current price is: $13.99.
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Original price was: $25.99.Current price is: $14.99.
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By studying these books, your success is definite. So, what is better than studying just once and passing with a high score?

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