PERT Math – Test Day Tips

PERT Math – Test Day Tips

The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, or known as PERT, is a test to determine the appropriate level of college work for an incoming student. In essence, this is a comprehensive and rapid assessment of students’ academic abilities. There are three separate parts to the PERT test:

The PERT test is a Computer Adaptive Test. It means that if the correct answer is selected, the next question will be more difficult. And if the answer is incorrect, the next question will be easier.

You have prepared for the PERT test by planning and studying. Now is the day for the exam. Have the best performance on the day of the test by reading these important tips and strategies.

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The Night before the Test!            

Give your brain a break

The day before the PERT math test, do not study any new math that you have not read before. If you want to study the day before the exam, just review the tips and formulas you have already written down. It is best to take a break the day before the PERT math test to have a great exam day.

Eat a healthy dinner 

The food you eat the night before the test should be nutritious and healthy. Eat nutritious meals that include complex carbohydrates, like potatoes, rice, and pasta, as well as vegetables and protein-rich foods.

Prepare your transportation plan

Make sure you know how to get to the test center. Find out the route, parking details, and subway, bus, or train schedule.

Prepare the test equipment

Prepare the equipment needed for the PERT test the day or night before the test and place it in a convenient place so that you can easily find it. Avoid taking unnecessary items like books in the exam session.

Get a good night sleep

To control any problems you may have with your nerves, go to bed early the night before the test. Plan to get seven to eight hours of sleep and wake up at least an hour before the PERT test. That way, your brain is alert until you get to the test center.

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On Test Day!

Wake up early

On exam morning, wake up early! It will give you plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready. In this case, you do not need to hurry, and this can calm your mind. Having a calm mind plays an important role in your success and increasing your productivity.

Have a nutritious breakfast

Eat a balanced breakfast. Try to eat breakfast as light and healthy as possible. Avoid foods like cream or anything that changes your eating habits as much as possible. This way, you will not have any problems during the PERT test.

Wear comfortable clothes

Choose clothes that you are comfortable with. With this in mind, it will allow you to sit in a chair comfortably for a long time and answer the PERT math questions without getting tired.

Arrive at the test center early

Arrive early for the test session and be present half an hour before the test begins. You always have to anticipate the unexpected. Being late increases your stress and this can reduce your good performance.

Repeat the positive affirmations

You have prepared hard for this test, and you are ready! Avoid any negative talk (for example, I cannot do that). Remind yourself that you are ready for the PERT math and will do your best.

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During the Test!

Keep calm during the test

Keep calm in any situation. You have worked hard to prepare for the PERT math test before the exam starts. So calm down and let your mind work rightly, and do not be afraid of anything. If the exam is difficult, the conditions are the same for the other participants in the exam.

Read the math questions carefully

Try not to answer the question directly, first take a few moments to understand the information! Review the question at least twice and emphasize relevant information that may be helpful.

Do not rush to answer questions

You have unlimited time to answer PERT questions. So do not rush to answer the questions and take the time to answer them.

Back solving

All questions are presented in multiple-choice, so the correct answer is provided for each question. If you get stuck, you can use test answers to solve math problems to see which answer fits the equation.

Review your answers

Review the answer to each question before submitting it. Because you cannot change your answer after entering the answer.

After the Test!

After the test, rest and relax a bit. Do not focus on what you have to say, do or write. You cannot change the decisions you made during the PERT, so accept it. During the day, spend your time and energy on activities that keep you happy and entertained.

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