10 Most Common 4th Grade STAAR Math Questions

10 Most Common 4th Grade STAAR Math Questions

Want to help your 4th-grade student prepare for the STAAR Math test? Want a preview of the most common mathematics questions on the 4th Grade STAAR Math test? If so, then you are in the right place.

The mathematics section of 4th Grade STAAR can be a challenging area for many test-takers, but with enough patience, it can be easy and even enjoyable!

Preparing students for the 4th Grade STAAR Math test can be a nerve-wracking experience. Learning more about what they’re going to see when they take the 4th Grade STAAR can help to reduce those pre-test jitters. Here’s a chance to review the 10 most common 4th Grade STAAR Math questions to help your students know what to expect and what to practice most. Let your students try these 10 most common 4th Grade STAAR Math questions to hone their mathematical skills and to see if their math skills are up to date on what’s being asked on the exam or if they still need more practice.

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10 Sample 4th Grade STAAR Math Practice Questions

1- Use the picture below to answer the question.

Which decimal number names the shaded part of this square?

A. 0.08

B. 0.20

C. 0.92

D. 0.98

2- Which number correctly completes the number sentence \(80 × 34 =\)?

A. 272

B. 560

C. 1920

D. 2720

3- Use the table below to answer the question.

Which list of city populations is in order from least to greatest?

A. \(28,097; 28,207; 29,700; 27,980\)

B. \(29,700; 28,207; 28,097; 27,980\)

C. \(27,980; 28,097; 28,207; 29,700\)

D. \(27,980; 28,207; 28,097; 29,700\)

4- Which number correctly completes the subtraction sentence
\(5.0 – 3.25 =\) _______ ?

A. 1.25

B. 1.75

C. 2.25

D. 2.75

5- For a concert, there are children’s tickets and adult tickets for sale. Of the total available tickets, \(\frac{26}{100}\) have been sold as adult tickets and \(\frac{4}{10}\) as children’s tickets. The rest of the tickets have not been sold.
What fraction of the total number of tickets for the concert have been sold?

A. \(\frac{30}{100}\)

B. \(\frac{66}{100}\)

C. \(\frac{30}{10}\)

D. \(\frac{66}{110}\)

6- Mia has a group of shapes. Each shape in her group has at least one set of parallel sides. Each shape also has at least one set of perpendicular sides. Which group could be Mia’s group of shapes?





7- There are 86 students from Riddle Elementary School at the library on Monday. The other 32 students in the school are practicing in the classroom. Which number sentence shows the total number of students in Riddle Elementary School?

A. \(86 + 32\)

B. \(86 -32\)

C. \(86 × 32\)

D. \(86 ÷ 32\)

8- Carol is inviting 5 friends to a party. She has 40 cookies. How many cookies will each friend get? _________

9- Moe packs 55 boxes with flashcards. Each box holds 100 flashcards. How many flashcards Moe can pack into these boxes?

A. 5505

B. 550

C. 275

D. 5500

10- A stack of 7 pennies has a height of 1 centimeter. Nick has a stack of pennies with a height of 4 centimeters. Which equation can be used to find the number of pennies, n, in Nick’s stack of pennies?

A.\(n = 7 + 4\)

B. \(n = 7- 4\)

C. \(n = 7×4\)

D. \(n = 7 ÷ 4\)

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1- C
the model is divided into 100 equal parts. We shade 92 parts that it’s equal to \(\frac{92}{100}\) or 0.92

2- D
\(80 × 34 =2720\)

3- C
\(27,980 ≤ 28,097 ≤ 28,207 ≤ 29,700\)

4- B
\(5.0 – 3.25 =1.75\)

5- B
Add adult tickets and children’s ticket that have been sold.
\(\frac{26}{100}+\frac{4}{10}=\frac{26 + 40}{100}=\frac{66}{100}\)

6- D
The trapezoid has one pair of parallel sides.
The second and third shape has perpendicular sides.

7- A
Add the number of all students to know the whole number of students.
\(86 + 32 =118\)

8- 8
\(40÷5 = 8\)

9- D
If 1 box has 100 flashcards so 55 boxes have \((55×100)\) 5,500 flashcards.

10- C
At a height of 1 centimeter, we have 7 pennies, so at a height of 4 centimeters, we have \(7 × 4\) pennies.

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