Algebra Puzzle – Critical Thinking 11

Critical thinking and logic skills are important in the 21st century. Help your student improves his/her logic by practicing their math skills. It's also helpful for adults to have fun and challenge their brains!

Algebra Puzzle – Critical Thinking 11


What is the degree between hour and minute hands at 6:30 AM?
Isn’t it 0? No!

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The correct answer is 15 degrees.

The clock is a circle and the hour hand moves around it every 12 hours. The clock is 360 degrees divided into 12 hours. So, it’s 30 degrees per hour.  The hour hand points exactly at the 6 at 6:00, so 30 minutes later, when the minute hand points at the 6, the hour hand is pointing at 6.5 or 15 degrees past 6.

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