Top Math Websites for Online Classes

Top Math Websites for Online Classes

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are now working from home. And among these are teachers and tutors. I mean, just because we are in quarantine and our movement has been limited does not mean that we stop learning altogether.

However, creating an interesting and educative math lesson is not as easy as most people think. It is even more challenging to create an engaging lesson when the students are learning remotely through video conferencing tools. So if you are a math teacher, how can you make virtual learning an interesting activity for both you and your students?

Well, one way you can ensure better and more effective teaching is by using math websites for virtual learning.

These websites offer numerous resources, assessment tools, freebies, programs, and games that keep the students engaged and inspired during distance learning. What’s even better, math websites can still be used as ideal additions for one-on-one classrooms.

Here are 8 Top Math Websites for Virtual Learning that all teachers and students should consider using for their maths lessons:

1. Effortless Math

Are you thinking about how to make your students love math even more? Well, this is just the ideal website to use. Effortless Math is an international educational provider that helps students prepare for their exams and tests, hence ensuring their success.

The website has more than 100 test preparation applications; these can be downloaded and used on mobile. Also, Effortless Math provides access to more than 3,000 publications, practice tests, worksheets, study guides, and math lessons.

The math website also offers video lessons that make the learning process more engaging and fun. What’s even better, most of these resources are provided all for free!

2. IXL

IXL math website for virtual learning is a subscription-based site. However, even without subscribing, you can still get access to free math practice problems daily.

The website allows students and learners to answer 10 questions each day, all for free. Such daily practice helps these develop better math skills.
When you subscribe to the IXL math website, you get access to unlimited resources, such as certificates, practice questions, skill recommendations, and analytics.

The website uses a comprehensive K-12 curriculum and offers individualized guidance, ensuring that each student benefits from the site irrespective of their skill or level of knowledge.

3. Wolfram MathWorld

This is a free online resource that focuses on helping students learn and love math. Wolfram MathWorld features over 13,000 entries that help students grow their understanding of math.

Also, the website offers downloadable notebooks, interactive GIFs, and ‘capsule summaries’ for different mathematical terms, and demonstrations.

Wolfram MathWorld is mainly recommended for older and more advanced learners. This is because the website offers useful resources for their ability levels and subjects. Some of the math topics discussed include algebra, geometry, calculus, analysis, probability, and statistics.

4. Art of Problem-Solving

Just like the name suggests, the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) website is designed to help students challenge themselves and learn how to solve different math problems. It offers an online math curriculum for learners in grades 5 to 12.

AoPS offers students challenging math problems to solve. As these solve the problems, they develop their creativity and persistence. Also, the website has an online bookstore that features several in-depth textbooks, games, articles, and message boards; resources that make learning more fun and engaging.

5. Desmos

The Desmos website and program are popular for the math software tools that it offers students. These are the Desmos scientific calculator and graphing calculator. These calculators are built to accommodate all digital college entrance tests and US state-level exams.

However, Desmos offers more than just a free online calculator. It also features several math examples that teach learners how to use the calculator to solve problems.

Besides, Desmos provides creative art that makes learning even more interesting for the students. Better yet, when you use Desmos, you will be able to save up on the additional costs you would’ve spent buying an expensive graphic calculator.

6. Buzz Math

Buzz Math is an ideal math website for middle schoolers. It consists of numerous challenging math problems that allow learners to practice and develop their skills.

These math problems are designed in such a way that they randomly generate values, allowing students to retry similar problems again and again until they can easily solve these.

As for teachers and tutors, the Buzz Math website provides these detailed results. With these results, the teachers can guide and monitor the progress of their students. In addition, the site is designed in such a way that students are allowed to progress at their very own pace.

7. eMATHinstruction

This top math website for virtual learning is recommended for middle and high school students. It offers free mathematics courses, homework sets, videos, and lesson plans for free.

While you can still access enough content without subscribing, you are recommended to do so as owning a premium account gives you access to more resources.

Examples of premium content you can access from eMATHinstruction include assessments, e-textbooks, printables, more video lessons, and answer keys. The main topic lessons you can get from this math website are trigonometry, geometry, and algebra 1 and 2.

8. Freckle Education

Freckle Education website provides access to over 70,000 math questions and self-paced exercises. It is intended for young kids who are in grades K-9. The site adapts to every student’s needs, allowing them to practice and learn math at their own pace.

Freckle Education is one of the most engaging math websites for virtual learning. It offers different designs and student-friendly incentives that make the learning process even more fun. And how considering how kids lose interest fast, this is undoubtedly one of the best resources you can use as a math teacher.


Math is fun, and so should learning and teaching it to be. However, using the regular classroom teaching method only works to make Math more boring, especially during this distance-learning process.

Therefore, if you are looking to teach math more interestingly, or improve your math skills as a period, it is high time you started using the Top Math Websites for Virtual Learning discussed above. These websites will allow you to get creative with Math and turn it into your favorite subject in no time!

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