Top 5 Graphing Calculators for Physics

Top 5 Graphing Calculators for Physics

When students begin taking more science and math classes, particularly physics, they will need to have a good graphic calculator to complete the classwork and assignments. When choosing a graphing calculator consider cost and value for the cost, full functionality, and ease of use.

Where the school requires a specific calculator that is the one you should remain with as they teach all students to use it the same way at the same time, but when an option is available select the one that fits your needs and classes best.

  • 1- TI-84 Plus CE
  • 2- Casio fx-0750GIII
  • 3- HP G8X9AALA Prime v2
  • 4- TI-84 Plus
  • 5- CATIGA CS121

TI-84 Plus CE

The color screen on TI-84 Plus CE is an advantage for graphing and drawing vectors as they can be easily distinguished from each other.

It has a high-resolution display for easy reading and visibility, is useful in many classes and for exams, and is rechargeable through a USB cable.

As a bonus, this model is available in multiple colors that allow your student to show their personality and help to add a bit more fun to the tasks.

Casio fx-0750GIII

Casio fx-0750GIII good all-around calculator that offers functions for not only physics but also algebra and other math courses.

With 2800 functions for all types of calculations and the large screen allows for easy reading and observation of the functions.

HP G8X9AALA Prime v2

HP G8X9AALA Prime v2 calculator has the same function as both an advantage and a disadvantage, in that it holds many other apps and functions as more than just a calculator. This may not be allowed during exams which can be problematic for students.

The full-color screen makes it easy to use and it has a larger than normal storage for the memory function, allowing it to bed used for many different processes without losing each calculation.

TI-84 Plus

For an all-around calculator that is easy to use and convenient, TI-84 Plus fits the bill.

The easy-to-read screen helps to read all the graphs and points that it places for you, and it is well used for geometry and other classes as well.

For a split-screen to do comparisons it can split horizontally or vertically. Valuable apps are also preinstalled so it is ready to go right out of the packaging.


CATIGA CS121 basic graphic calculator is a decent universal calculator for students beginning to use.

It is simple in its operations and has several built-in processes easily labeled and has over 280 operations. Suitable for users of any level it can be used for years after purchase.

Choosing a calculator should be a fairly simple process, but if there are specific needs or functions it is important to check those are available, as the students all learn together it can be easier to help each other if they have the same calculators. If you are out of school opt for one with more functions and the easiest screen to read to get the most out of your investment.

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